An established painter of naturescapes, murals, and window art by commission.

and now, an emerging abstract artist. Creator of Magic Moons Artistry - a painting studio.

Sarah E Bott

Sarah's painting collections explore both abstract and earthy subjects by means of color, emotion, imagination, and philosophy. Intentionally challenging the idea that artists must select just one creative style. "I would rather die of passion than of boredom." - Vincent Van Gogh

Contemporary Art - Latest Series

What is Magic Moons Artistry?

3D collage abstract painting series. Colorful messages from worlds away. A play on time/space reality with the moon acting as my muse. These paintings go beyond the human perception of the natural world, taking the viewer on an adventure through visionary worlds that uplift and energize.

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In the art studio

My Process

Many of my painting sessions begin with color studies. These get me into the flow state and allow discovery of unexpected palettes. Once I have decided on colors, I begin the paintings one layer at a time. Adding texture, shapes, and line work utilizing energy and intuition. The exploration aspect of my process allows my soul to shine through in a way that feels free.

The moon is my muse. I cut my paintings into rounds or crescents either before or after painting depending on the project. Followed by collaging the shapes into desired compositions. I also love to use gold leaf and other glimmery materials in my work to bring a magical feel to the final creation.


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