Meet Sarah

Imagination has always been my favorite form of thought. It allows my inner-child to feel comfortable enough to ask “what if” a million times, and then paint about it. Creating primarily from imagination is something I felt resistance towards for many years. While I dabbled in abstraction as and undergrad art student, I was all too aware of the boldness it takes to share a personal side of myself that may or may not resonate with others. Leaving myself wide open for the world to see. This intimidated me into becoming primarily a landscape painter until very recently, when I found the desire to reinvent my painting style.

I am always experimenting and so my work is constantly evolving. But I finally feel as if my paintings are a reflection of my soul in the most genuine way possible. I love to communicate emotion in a tangible way. When painting for the joy of painting and to release complex emotion, without a confining objective, I find myself passionately captivated and in a state of total bliss. 

Artist Statement

To create is to release. The act of painting allows me to move through complex ideas, thought, and emotion. Granting me an outlet of expression that results in visual worlds of color and detail, transporting viewers to playful imaginary realms. The unity of imagination and organic form in my work activates lively energies. Typically these concepts seem incompatible, but this combination motivates endless exploration.

My current process has a flexible formula that allows for infinite creative freedom in each painting. This supports my intention behind abstract depictions; to rid the work from a specific visual outcome based on physical reality, and unlock a vibrant sense of enthusiasm and contemplation for the audience. By allowing myself to play as I paint, I honor the excited and curious inner child within. My creations grant permission for the viewer to honor themselves in the same way.

Contemporary art