Meet Sarah


Hi, I’m Sarah.

I’m a small town Colorado girl living a portfolio lifestyle. I love all things outdoors and am dedicated to living as eco-friendly as possible. Color, the seasons, philosophy, and spirituality also inspire me. A normal work day for me starts with coffee and a book while enjoying my flower garden on the back deck. My curly hair is in a messy bun 98% of the time and my regular attire primarily consists of activewear so I can take yoga and dance breaks throughout the day.

I’m a fine art painter, mural artist, painting teacher, and figure skating coach. Just this year I’ve transitioned from full time coach – artist as a side gig, to full time artist – coaching as the side gig. I also practice Reiki and Rossiter body work. I serve others weekly by sharing art inspired by nature and wonder, painted on materials up-cycled from one humans’s trash to another human’s art.

Artist Statement

It is true that in nature we find ourselves. From surfing fresh powder to climbing rocks in the desert, I feel most alive when I’m enjoying the gift of the great outdoors. Hopefully the subjects and stories I paint capture the magical feeling that fills your soul when you play in the wilderness too.

Additionally, I find inspiration in abstract philosophical ideas and intuitive flow. I often use abstracted imaginary and colors in my creations to convey ideas and feelings. My contemporary abstract paintings are personal, visual interpretations of these unobtainable concepts and experiences of intuition. By pushing these concepts in my work, I hope I can give viewers a thoughtful and conscious experience.

By creating in a variety of styles, I create studies of various concepts, techniques, and ways of thinking. I’ve made a conscious decision not to put myself in a “box”. Exploration is what lights me up, and I choose to remain open to my creative applications and subjects evolving as I do.

The characteristic of sustainability in my art is one way I am mindful of my environmental footprint. Earthy themes and conscious material choices are further intended to inspire others to go green. My life’s work is dedicated to serving all living things by gifting others a recognition within themselves of connection. It is my greatest aspiration to inspire others to live sustainable, outdoorsy, conscious lives.