Meet Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where I was formally trained in oil painting. I also explored a lot of drawing, sculpter, and fibers work in college. Abstract work and landscapes have always been the most interesting subjects for me, but playful color is likely the most signature aspect of my painting style.

I started showing my work locally and teaching painting classes in Fort Collins while I was an undergrad at CSU. After graduating in 2014, I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado to have easy access to snowboarding and outdoor recreation. I continued to pursue painting, feeling extra inspired by my surroundings, and began hanging my work around town. For a while I was working part time at a candle shop carving custom candles. I used the upstairs loft of the candle shop as an art studio for painting until my husband and I purchased a home in South Park.

This beautiful cabin in the woods is where I had my first in-home art studio. Living there, I was in awe every day of my surroundings. I spent a lot of solo time painting in and around our cabin while the majestic landscape inspired me daily. I was also teaching painting classes, hanging art in more local businesses, painting murals, and started selling art at vendor events. At the end of 2019, I moved back to my roots in Fort Collins with my husband.

Now, I work in my new in-home studio and teach painting classes part time. Rivers, forests, and mountains are just a short drive away so I feel thankful to still have access to what inspires me most. While I focus on adjusting to a new lifestyle, I am leaning into flow and balance. I am enjoying working with local businesses on murals and events to find my way into the artist community in a new area. It is exciting to notice my work already evolving as I reflect on old adventures and embrace new ones.

Artist Statement

The creativity within me flows from a place of deep connection to nature. I believe that in nature we find ourselves. From surfing fresh powder to climbing rocks in the desert, I feel most alive when I’m enjoying the gift of the great outdoors. Playing outside releases the child within equally as much as creating does. This is why these activities go hand in hand for me. Hopefully the subjects and stories I paint capture the magical feeling that fills your soul when you play in the wilderness too.

Additionally, I find inspiration in abstract ideas such as: beauty, the sublime, and freeplay. I love that in order for beauty to exist, it must be perceived or experienced. When it is experienced, it leaves our senses in uforia. As for the sublime, the concept of Mother Nature is ultimately too massive to accurately imagine. This motivates me to uncover a vision beyond imitation of sense perception through painting. And finally, freeplay is an idea coined by philosopher Immanuel Kant. The theory of “freeplay” compares imagination and understanding. While I often use imaginary abstractions and colors in my creations, I also combine literal subjects to convey ideas and feelings. My paintings are personal, visual interpretations of these unobtainable concepts. By pushing these concepts in my work, I hope I can give viewers an uplifting, conscious experience.

The characteristic of sustainability in my art is one way I am mindful of my environmental footprint. Earthy themes and conscious material choices are further intended to inspire others to go green. My life’s work is dedicated to serving all living things by gifting others a recognition within themselves of connection to all life. It is my greatest aspiration to inspire others to live sustainable, outdoorsy, conscious lives.