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Correct way of usage boost::multi_array_ref

I’ve got a question about the correct usage of boost::multi_array_ref.
I’m trying to create 3D matrix (I’d like to have 3D array, but it seems that the easiest way of declaration is via multi-array_ref) of std::array,3>. But I’m having trouble with default constructor of multi_array_ref. It seems that I can’t use it as array like class A[2,2,2] = multi_array_ref(data);.
So question is: is there any possibilities to initialize such multi-array_ref?


You would need something like this:
class multi_array_ref
T* data;

: data(nullptr)
// in real-world code this would probably throw std::bad_alloc.
// or at least call the T’s allocation constructor.

multi_array_ref(const T* data_)
: data(&data_)
// ^^^^^

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Movie Maker is a free video editing software developed by Microsoft which is used to create videos in Windows. It comes with version 9.
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2017/02/13 · Learn how to edit your GoPro videos with Windows Movie Maker. From format and codecs, to editing and uploading, this tutorial will walk you through editing video with Windows Movie Maker (Express).
On the other hand, Windows Movie Maker will only let you export to Windows Media formats. Although DVD is an outdated technology, movie box sets are still very popular.
Windows Movie Maker comes with Windows Vista/7/8, and it can also be run on Windows XP, of course for free. It is also free to update on all supported Windows versions.
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