Windows 8 Full Glass Theme Free Download _BEST_

Windows 8 Full Glass Theme Free Download _BEST_

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Windows 8 Full Glass Theme Free Download

sensing the attention that this video received in last week Microsofts video department paid to make ‘Windows Metro’, which sounds like a really screwed up idea, might have only been a temporary solution. But if they haven’t learned anything since, then there is no hope that they will actually be able to keep their Windows users. If it was me, I’d drop Windows in favor of Ubuntu. In any case, I have no intention of ever giving up.

windows 8 full glass theme free download

This is for Windows XP and Windows 8 64 bit

You must have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 installed and a valid.NET valid for Visual Studio 2012 / 2013 ( the one that applies for the version of your Visual Studio that you are using)

Note that this is just a fake wallpaper, you wont see any actual change in the glass theme, it’s only for show. Unless you install “Aero Glass”, in which case you’ll see changes in the entire look of your desktop and even in how icons look.

Downlaod and install the “Aero Glass” (or is it Aero Lite?). Once it’s installed ( if you had to click next to install it ), it will create a Startup shortcut which will use the “Aero Glass” to use your current desktop as a theme, but the the settings can be reset to default. Make sure you either remove the StartUp shortcut and repeat the steps, or un-install “Aero Glass” completely.

Notes: Even though this is “aero” but it doesn’t make the actual background transparent. There’s a limit in the effects which it can create, one thing it does not allow you to change is that it doesn’t allow you to have transparency. It doesn’t allow to change the transparency settings ( opacity ) of the windows either. That can be achieved using Aero Glass though.

i prefer the notification and notification drop-down panels to do exactly what they’re supposed to. i want one of those big icons that, when you click it, pop up big buttons that let you open it. i want the right pane of the task switcher to show windows that are open, rather than on some random background pane.
i’m sick of hearing people lament that the start screen sucks. it’s actually a huge improvement on windows 8, and people are having a really hard time forgiving it. the start screen works and it’s clearly superior to the windows 8 tile system. it still has the same amount of tiles, and instead of having all sorts of unnecessary tiles like the metro start screen, it’s just one simple grid of icons.
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