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.vxp Games 6

a mobile development platform from nokia which uses the brew platform for user applications. brew initially had the advantage of being platform independent, but it was later found to be incompatible with java me. in fact, nokia also releases proprietary gaming applications under the moniker of “creator”.

amazo brawler is a fighting game developed for the series40 platform by the amazo gang, which was released in 2003 by japanese mobile phone company, kddi corporation. it has many game modes such as “earth”, “water”, and “air”, where they fight enemy robots. it was also an adaptation of netlink’s beat ’em up (beaufort) series.

break out the ketchup. the most popular and best selling j2me game of all time, ten pin alley bowling game (after bowling.net) – there’s a wikipedia entry for it – is also the most popular video game on the world wide web, attracting over 6 million unique visitors each month. ten pin alley’s popularity is probably at least in part due to the presence of one of its creators, mark jacobs, on usenet. tenpin alley bowling is an ideal representation of the j2me platform, in that the code is simple, allows for real time gameplay, has a mature multimedia api, and has been ported to dozens of handsets and devices by different companies. a development project, tenpin alley [16] aims to port the game to platforms such as the psp.

zdoom is a game, based on the first-person shooter doom, played on a commodore 64. it was created in 1994 by derek yu and published by id software in 1995. in 1996 a version of it was ported to the zx spectrum, amstrad cpc, and msx. it was later released on the sega saturn as well as the playstation and the nintendo 64. it is a classic example of a game that was successfully ported to another platform. a port was also done for the atari jaguar in 1997.

android market is a digital distribution platform operated by google on which android applications can be downloaded. market was announced by the android team in june 2011 and launched on august 22, 2011. google has released a market for all android devices as the default marketplace for 3rd party applications.
an mp3 android player. the player has a particular feature that allows you to upload more than 50,000 songs. unfortunately, if you listen to different genres then you will be limited to exactly 50,000 songs. despite the limited size, it has a respectable feature set. you can also quickly add cover art by taking a picture of the cd and drag it over the app’s window.
there are so many apps and games available for sony’s mobile phones, like the xperia z, that there’s a decent chance that you can download an app that will let you download apps for free. t-mobile has a killer app that comes from the web, called webapk. it lets you easily find and download free apps for the t-mobile network. just search for the app that you want and download it. webapk means that you do not need to go through the google app market, or the amazon appstore.
the operating system is based on linux. it’s unix-based, unlike the other major mobile platforms out there. symbian was designed from the ground up for the mobile devices, so it has a lot of features. it has also been actively developed for almost a decade now, so it’s been around for quite a while. other mobile platforms like android have also gotten a lot of attention. they both lack any kind of touch interface, and the feature sets are also quite different.