Tomtom Europe.apk Download [WORK]

Tomtom Europe.apk Download [WORK]


Tomtom Europe.apk Download

this may be a stupid question but is there any mapping that you can download into the ios gps of an android phones? this is slightly confusing as i have an ipad that has the tomtom mytown which is android based and i can download maps of london but not of any other areas.

you are not alone there is a lot of the same problems with the app not working and you are stuck with a map that doesnt work. we tried all the updates to no avail. even asking tomtom to fix the app has not helped. no one has been able to fix it. it is driving us crazy. the app is frustrating not just because the maps are not working and we have to use google maps on the iphone but also because the maps give you a nice drive with routes and the like in the background.

it is driving us crazy so i have spent all weekend trying to find a fix. i have found a few others going through the same issues. i think the only way to fix is to root the devices and remove the tomtom app and then re-install the tomtom app. we tried all the updates but still no fix for the buggy app. it is driving us crazy especially as it a great app.

what we all really want is to be able to purchase and download maps like in the app but then be able to activate them from the app and then get a route on the android phone. you are the only person i have found who has used tomtom. that is why we are trying to find a fix with you.

downloaded apk file to sd card from my computer to the phone. everything is there. i tried to do a manual update from app store too but it doesn’t recognize it. that is how i am able to update. am i doing something wrong?

Hello, I believe they need to add a feature where TomTom uses the GPS in the car, so it does not ask for your location and suddenly the map is not working properly, I have also noticed that it does not work for any country, it just says. The “NO” in the picture means no, not any of them. This is not a fault on my behalf, just a check on my behalf. Good Luck!
Hi, I have the same problem. I find it very annoying. I have no idea if I am doing anything wrong – but I have already tried as much as I can. The latest version of Tomtom does not work either. Tomtom constantly says update failed, please check you have an internet connection and try again later. But when I do have an internet connection, it just does not work. Before I start trying to resolve the problem, could you please advise me how to fix it.
Hi, Sorry for not replying sooner, I am having the same problem with the latest version of the TomTom App. When the update starts, I get this error message “Error 5065: Could not download location update service for the country XYZ” and then it just stops and closes the APP. It does not provide any information. Does anybody know what this means and how to fix it. My problem is in both TomTom and IGO. So not sure why that happens. Good Luck. 🙂
Hello, If it’s the updating process of the app does not work your device driver is ok, you can verify this by entering the Settings>Applications>All Applications>PlayStore>Application Manager>Locate Then click the app, click the tab Apps list, scroll down, tap the “info” icon and click “check”. Verify if the device’s status is “OK” or not.