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اهذ دقل ش هلا
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The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 S01 1080p BluRay


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Quantum Moore’s Law?

In spite of the hype about quantum computing, what is the current state of research into solid state quantum computers?


Quantum computers are here, they already work with very small qubits (coherent state). The early experiments are in quite good accordance with classical models.
Quantum computers will not be universal for a long time, and the most likely target problem will be to perform a search, or solve a non-polynomial problem.
Applications will emerge only after most technological and cost issues have been solved.
Edit: You are very welcome to refer to the below:


Receive an exception in a method but continue executing the method in Java

I have a question regarding Java exceptions and their handling.
I do realize that I can handle exceptions in many different ways, I am just trying to understand how it works with the following simple example:
public static void main(String[] args){
int y = getNumber();
int x = readData();
catch(Exception e){

public static int readData(){
System.out.println(“IN readData”);
//do some stuff to return an int
return result;

If I call this method I would expect to see HelloWorld! followed by Yikes! and to be cut short after the first statement. However, when I run this code I get this output:
IN readData
IN readData