Temtem Patch

Temtem Patch


Temtem Patch

the free pokemon-esque mmo from magethink called temtem is one of the most popular games on steam. it is the fifth game to ever launch on the platform, and it has been around for almost a year. its latest update just brings a few bug fixes and a new pet. you can see the full patch notes below.

the free pokemon-esque mmo from magethink, temtem, has launched and is currently in early access. it is very similar to pokemon, and the game was released to early access to give the players who own it a chance to help with development. this is the fifth game to be released on steam, and it already has about a thousand users.

the free pokemon-esque mmo from magethink, temtem, just launched. this marks the first time the game has launched on steam and it has been in early access for about a year. the game is very similar to pokemon and is already fairly popular, but is a lot of fun. if you’d like to know more, you can find more information on the game and the early access period at the official site.

today’s update for temtem is primarily focused on finding untamed encounters and sorting out some common bugs. we are also making some quick progress on ranked matchmaking. please keep your feedback coming by following us on twitter and our discord server.

as you might have heard, we have been working on ranked matchmaking and it is now live in test! we’ve also been making some fixes to some playability issues, as well as adding a new version of pawns that we’ve been testing in alpha. we’ll be releasing a patch that will address this next week, but here are the new features.

there will be many new items you can find in your adventures. some of them are class-specific, while others are generic that will be useful for everyone. you can find a full list of items in the steam workshop and in-game. finally, the new online leaderboard will be your ultimate goal as you battle other temtem for the position of champion!
the patch notes also mention the trade button being redesigned, to be more in line with the overall look and feel of the game. this includes an overhaul of the old hack tool to match the main trading interface. the other changes include:
temtem patch – new temtem, anak caldera and telomere lair new gear, including pale gear, t-chips and black carapace new tower, garden of aztlan new shop interface new maps, all zoomed out new quests, including single player and localized versions new in-game feature, allowing players to make friends over the internet new item, the morph stone, which allows players to transform into temtem
a new “anak caldera” and “telomere hotfix” were released. the telomere hotfix, which you can grab for free, is a small patch that allows players to go back in time and teleport to locations that were re-opened after the game went into early access. it’s a nice addition that allows players to visit places like the new telomere lair and get a taste of the pre-cu2 version of the game.
at this point, it seems like the team is aiming to get to 1.0 before the first year anniversary of early access. the game has been in early access for a little over three years and it’s a long time to be in early access without a release. this is why it’s unlikely that temtem will be coming to consoles anytime soon, despite the fact that it was teased last year.