Swadhyay Parivar Jay Yogeswar Aarti ##VERIFIED## 👑

Swadhyay Parivar Jay Yogeswar Aarti ##VERIFIED## 👑


Swadhyay Parivar Jay Yogeswar Aarti

do u know where i can get swadhyay aarti or other related mp3s. i am searching for shraddh bhag 1-2 and bhajans for bhakti in gujarati. there are no other mp3s available in kendras or the net. if u can help me it will be really great.

jay yogeshwar,
i am really thankful to all of u.

i am a new poster here.

my aarti file is only in text format, is there any way to convert it in an mp3 format so that i can listen to it in my mobile.

kindly help.

p.s: i am a 15 year old girl from india
i don’t want anyone to download my mp3 files, i just want them to listen to it on their computer

i already have a copy of the aarti in my cd player, so its not so hard to put it in an mp3 format

please help

i am a new poster here. i have no access to a kendra or a computer. i have the mp3 file of the aarti but i want to listen to it using headphones on my mobile phone. can someone help me by sending the mp3 file? i am really thankful to all of u.

please do not get confused with the things we are going to do and be part of it or not it is not that we dont have any right to do. its just that there are so many things that we should be doing and we are not in any of the groups or we are not part of any vichar manthan or debate. swadhyay parivar is a very big thing and every single member should be doing something or the other to make this thing great and to save the society and the world from all the evils we are trying to fight against it. we should have to think of those people who have no other way to fight against these evils. we are the only hope for them. so it is very necessary for us to fight for them and make a change in society for them. i am not talking in terms of any huge changes or anything like this. i am talking about a small change. a change in our way of living. when we start doing the smallest of things in our daily life, that is when the change will come in to us. then we will start to spread the change among others and then we will be able to do much more than we can do today. yes we can do something much more than we do today. we can make the society much more educated, moral and most importantly we will be able to save so many lives. please join us in this journey by sending a mail to our email address and if you can please send your family members as well, it will help us a lot. we will be very happy to have you with us.

The famous words of Shashtriji ‘Hum Hee Priye’ and with it, he shared his wisdom with the society and also many other people around the world. I believe that there will be no second Dadaji in India, and the world. So, I request all the readers to get out of their comfort zone and serve the society. And that is Swadhyay. Swadhyay is the best thing we can do for society.
The other form of Swadhyay, Swadhyay dand, as it was called in the bygone era, is entirely based on the Bhagawat Gita. The Vedas are recited every day. Patn bhaiyya is lovingly followed. Purity and cleanliness of the home and in the community are the norms. The common people of the area have been given the confidence and power to take decisions based on the ideologies of Vedanta. Swadhyay dand is prevalent in the whole of Satnur Taluka and is finding expression in Satnur, Bhalerao, Khedoi and Mehsana Districts. Shashtriji believes that with the return of Rishi Shanka (Kedar), the pure atmosphere of Bharat will be restored. With his third eye, Shashtri will see all angles. His firm belief in the pure sentiments and ideals of our saints and sages will inspire every one of us to live for a better world. Believing in god is a long process. I work on the basis of spirituality.
Swadhyay would be kept alive at Swadhyay Mandir, a 30-room house built with the money donated by various devotees. Shashtriji says that one can perceive God in the trees, stones, water, fire, among the living beings and even in the newspapers and other national dailies. It is of the utmost importance to accumulate wealth as it will enable us to offer the goods of life to God.