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The SUperior SU application was designed to be not only a traditional SU utility but also a powerful desktop switcher utility that allows for running multiple shells on different desktops on behalf of different users. Smell the Unix-like power of a quasi-multisession environment on a Windows NT-based Workstation or Server.
When you normally log in to your Windows NT, 2000 or XP computer after having provided your user name and password (aka the “credentials”), a so-called “desktop” is created for you by a system component (the winlogon.exe process) that acts as the surface for your user shell, the taskbar, and all windows you create by starting programs.
For every logged in user, Windows creates this single desktop, that has the name “default” and is therefore often called the “default desktop”. SUperior SU and its desktop switcher can create additional desktops for you and on each desktop that is created, a new taskbar and desktop background with links on it, etc. is created. The real cool thing is, that every desktop runs in the context of a user whose user name and password you provide prior to creation of the desktop.
This way it is easily possible to be logged in simultaneously with a number of different users and switch between these users’ desktops with a press of a hotkey or a few mouse clicks. One possible usage scenario might for instance be that you are logged in on the default desktop as a local administrator (because you have work to do that requires administrative privileges) and that you then start a second desktop that runs under the auspices of a non-privileged user. On that desktop you can then safely surf the web or do other things that might do harm when running as a privileged user.
By pressing keyboard shortcuts you can switch between these desktops almost instantly. Of course, completely opposite or different usage scenarios are possible, SUperior SU will not force you to follow a certain usage pattern. SUperior SU’s desktop switcher itself resides in the system tray and can be used via a context menu or keyboard shortcuts.


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Hmmmm………. I’m kinda in the same situation. Only thing I could think of was to remove the password from the user then give it back. It will reset the desktop, session, and change the account into a guest.

And if you are trying to add some customizations to change some options, like default background, I’d suggest a basic guide.

Sure there’s a lot to learn when using this utility, but don’t feel rushed to learn it all at once. It takes time to learn. Most of the time, I still prefer using the standard login screens, until I’m comfortable using the advanced features of the utility.

I believe you are correct that by removing a user’s password from his account, the desktop will be set to a Guest account.

This utility is a Windows NT system add-on, so in the very least, you are going to be running on a Windows XP or Windows 2000 Server based environment.

There are two main ways to use this utility. You can either login as a generic user on your NT Workstation, and then start the application by using “run as administrator” for the app, or you can login as the user that you want to run the utility under, and start the app as the user who you want to use it. You can login as a generic user, and still run the app, however, this way you run the app as a user who already has a desktop to his name, and you will not see the desktop switcher unless you have the setup to do so.

When you open the app, the first thing you are going to see is the user panel. Click on the user you want to run this utility under, and the app will start under that user.

In order to create a new desktop, you are going to need to click on the New Desktop button. You will then be prompted for the user you want to use to do this, and then for a name for the desktop. To create a new desktop, simply click the “OK” button.

Every time you click on the “New Desktop” button, the app will open a new instance of the desktop switcher utility (the application). You can then click on the desktop icon you want to start the desktop on, or just press the keyboard shortcut for this utility, or if you have the desktop switcher icon in the system tray, you can click on this to start the desktop switcher utility.

SUperior SU Torrent Free Download (April-2022)

SUperior SU Torrent Download is a Desktop Switcher application. For more information, including screenshots, please see the Help section.
SUperior SU supports Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
The latest versions of SUperior SU are compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista/2000/XP
· Support for multiple simultaneous desktop sessions per logged in user,
· Works in all versions of Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
· Optional support for Microsoft Windows Vista.
· Supports the Desktop Switcher as a control panel as well as a context menu.
· Works on the local computer and in networked environments.
· Runs in the system tray.
· Supports Microsoft Windows Vista.
· Multi-user support with multiple simultaneous desktop sessions.
· More than 20 keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
· Supports “Smart Moving”, in case the login account’s password is forgotten or changed.
· Quick user switching by hot keys or “tab-free” quick moving through the users logged in to the system.
· Supports running more than one Desktop per user.
· Customizable taskbar and Desktop background.
· Supports for Networked user authentication by using Group policies.
· Configurable, persistent user profiles.
· Online help from the included user manual.
· Detailed help on all keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
· Works without modifying any system settings, such as the registry.
· Supports Microsoft Windows Vista.
· Support for multiple simultaneous user login accounts in the same group.
· No additional software requirement.
· No adware, spyware, toolbars or other “junk” installed.
· No user accounts required for installation.
· No registration required.
· No spyware, adware or other junk installed.
· One-time installation.
· Supports Microsoft Windows Vista.
· Runs from a single shortcut.
· Runs from a CD/USB stick.
· Can save system-wide settings in a simple text file.
· Runs from a CD/USB stick.
· Can save system-wide settings in a simple text file.
· Allows to choose the default profile for a new login account.
· Allows to change the default Windows NT group name for new login accounts.
· Allows to choose the “Desktop Switcher as a control panel” in “Tools->Options”.
· Allows to change the default Windows NT group name for new login accounts.
· Allows to show the “Desktop Switcher as a control panel

SUperior SU License Keygen [Mac/Win]

The X-Windowed-Application is an X11 based graphical tool for modifying various aspects of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers, NT and 2000 desktops, and domain servers.
The Application allows you to easily modify Server DNS and DHCP settings (through GUI), as well as to easily manage Windows services on a Server or Desktop. An important focus of the App is the management of Services, as these are what provide and maintain the features of a Server or Desktop, such as the ability to receive email, run SQL databases, run Linux and/or Unix shells, etc.
This Application supports a few other things, such as starting or stopping services on a remote server, server resources, etc.
* Basic administrative tools.
* Create or modify a single or multiple config files of services (either for System Services or user defined).
* Can be used remotely.
* Has a basic text editor so you can edit the config files.
* Server DNS and DHCP settings can be modified easily.
* Database Services settings, can be modified for database servers.
* Can create the proper Windows Services required for a User or a System Environment.
* Ability to start, stop, modify services on a remote Server.
* Displaying the current status of Services on a remote Server.
* Start, stop, disable or enable a service on a remote server.
* It is possible to shutdown a remote server completely.
* Support for domain servers.
* Support for Windows 2000/2003 Servers.
* Support for Windows NT Workstations.
* Support for Windows 2000/2003 Domain Servers.
* Includes a Hotkey System.
* Ability to create service command files for various situations.
* Includes a basic text editor for editing the config files.
* Can be used remotely.
* Can be used in almost any Windows operating system (including command line).
* Can be used with almost any Windows OS.
* Can be used in any Window environment, such as Windows, Xandros or Linux.
* Support for many other commands such as kill, cp, mv, su, etc.
* Can be used in a Linux environment.
* Can be used in Solaris environments.

What’s New In?

Supperior SU is a desktop switcher. It allows you to easily log in to a number of users and switch between their desktops. Since this task is normally very cumbersome in Microsoft’s operating system, SUperior SU takes a lot of the pain out of the process. It takes care of creating, deleting, starting, stopping and switching users’ desktops, creates new backgrounds, tasksbars and bookmarks and provides several powerful shortcuts to make it easier to switch between users and computers.
SUperior SU uses the following tools:
— Control Panel: The Control Panel allows you to edit the data of each desktop. There are a lot of powerful things you can do with the Control Panel, like for instance, setup password-protected desktops for those users who shouldn’t have access to the contents of other desktops. Additionally, you can setup the operating system to remember your current desktop on log-out by saving the desktop path in a configuration file.
— Desktop Switcher: The Desktop Switcher provides you with a list of all desktops in your Windows NT, 2000 or XP. You can start them, change their properties or create new ones. The desktop switcher can be configured via several ways (in the Control Panel) like for instance: allows to use the same hotkey for starting, stopping or switching desktops, allows to save configurations, and allows you to switch desktops in different ways (e.g. with or without desktop icon, etc.).
— Active Desktop: The Active Desktop allows you to quickly switch to a particular desktop that is either selected from the list or is selected manually. There are several ways you can select a desktop. In case the desktop is in the list, the cursor will be placed directly above it and you can double-click it to switch to it. In case the desktop is in a group (e.g. the desktops of all users) and the group name is known, the desktop will be selected automatically. Furthermore, you can click on a desktop, then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select it, or use the number keys to select it.
— User account settings: The User account settings allow you to create, delete and edit the properties of each user’s account. This is useful to create users with restricted access (e.g. which programs they can run, which files they have access to, etc.)
— Desktops: This is a list of all existing desktops.
— Bookmarks: The Bookmarks list allows you to create bookmarks. A bookmark is a file that can be added to a shortcut or a desktop folder. You can either add them manually or let SUperior SU do this for you.
— Tasks: The

System Requirements For SUperior SU:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU
100GB free hard drive space
30″ display screen
100W power supply
Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0 compatible.
Gamepad: We recommend the Xbox 360 or PS3 style controller, but any other controller should work.
DX11 or DX9 compatible video card
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