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SSuite Galaxy Class is a multipurpose software package consisting of:Photo from Shoreditch’s The Live Rooms

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SSuite Galaxy Class Activation Code [Win/Mac]

Please note that in order to use Keymacro in SSuite, you must first install the free Keymacro PRO software, available at:

Keymacro allows you to use your keyboard macros from any application. All you need to do is set a macro within the application you wish to automate, and Keymacro will allow you to save that macro to a file. In the next time you start that application, the saved macros can be automatically loaded and the macros executed. The program can save both text and graphic macros. You can even combine them into one macro.
Using Keymacro:
Select the application and press the Macro button, then press the OK button.
Press the RUN button to execute the macro. Press the Exit button to stop the macro.
KEYMACRO can save macros for both text and graphic files, so you can also use it to save your text document macros.
It also has an Export function that allows you to export text macros as an HTML file, which can be imported into web pages. You can also edit existing text macros in the Export function and save the changes back to the saved HTML file.
Keymacro also allows you to convert text macros to Unicode, and there are more features like shortcut actions, text formatting, default editing, binding events, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about the Keymacro, please visit:

To download Keymacro, please visit:

How to install Keymacro:
1. Download Keymacro and unzip it.
2. Double click on the unzipped program file to run it.
3. Click on the “Registration” option on the Login screen and register Keymacro.
4. Click on “Create Keymacro” on the home page.
5. Press the ‘Load’ button.
6. Double click on the exported HTML file.
7. Press the ‘Load’ button.
8. Press the ‘Load’ button.
9. Press the ‘OK’ button.
10. Click on ‘Macro’, then press the ‘Create Macro’ button on the ‘Macro’ menu.

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■ SSuite Galaxy Class have a wide variety of industry standard software built into their user-friendly environment, including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.
■ SSuite Galaxy Class work with popular databases such as MS Access, MS Excel and MS Word. With an intuitive interface, and an ease of use, you can work with a range of files at the same time.
■ SSuite Galaxy Class is an award-winning office suite that offers a clean and simple interface that facilitates user interaction.
SSuite Galaxy Class Key Features:
■ Start Menu with Default Features
■ Basic/Classical Desktop
■ Easy access to back/forward navigation
■ File and Folder view control
■ Basic document editors (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more)
■ Powerful Search Engine with Quick Default File Extension Searches
■ Word Processor
■ Spreadsheet Software
■ Presentation Software
■ Internet Access
■ Image editor
■ Audio File Editing
■ Graphics Software
■ Calendar
■ Image Viewer
■ Audio Player
■ Video Player
■ Streaming Video Software
■ Email and Instant Messaging
■ VOIP Communication Software
■ Distributed file and folder sharing
■ Popular word processing document styles (TXT, RTF, HTML, MHT, XLS, XLSX, PDF)
■ Popular spreadsheet software such as Excel and Powerpoint.
■ Popular presentation software such as Adobe presentation and Microsoft Powerpoint.
■ Popular database software such as Access, Excel, Word, MS SQL, MS Access, MS Excel and more.
■ Popular Internet browser software such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
■ Popular streaming video software such as Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time, and Flash.
■ Popular Instant Messaging Software such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, etc.
■ All popular image editing software such as Photo Shop, etc.
■ Audio file editing software such as Windows Media Player, Quick Time and Real Player.
■ Image Viewer Software
■ Video Player Software
■ Streaming Video Software
■ VOIP Communication Software
■ Distributed File and

What’s New in the?

Hi Folks,
SSuite Galaxy Class is an Office Suite for Windows that meets the demands of PC users who want a clean desktop interface. Its interface is based on the Mac. This office suite is a combination of all the productivity tools that you need to perform everyday tasks such as writing, presentations, spreadsheets, publishing, databases, email, voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) PC Phone and other multimedia functions. It has a feature called “Instant System Access”, which means that you don’t have to click on desktop icons to open programs. It starts all programs at the touch of a key.
SSuite Galaxy Class includes the following programs:
■ EZ Write
■ EZ Write Pro
■ Word: An Editor for Writing, Presentations and Publications
■ PowerPoint: An Electronic Presentation App
■ Excel: A Spreadsheet App
■ MyBookshelf
■ Gallery – A Image Editor
■ Video
■ Mind Map
■ Graphics
■ PDF ■ PS
■ Text Editor
■ Database
■ Web Browser
■ Quick Access: Saves Your Time
■ Instant System Access
■ The Mac-Style Dock for Windows
■ Search Engine with Quick Default File Extension Searches – Search and Find
Software Features
■ All programs integrate with each other
■ Inbox
■ Star Documents
■ Flexible File Viewing Options
■ Direct Access to the Documents You Need
■ Instant Access to the Documents You Need
■ Share Documents Via Email
■ Instant Support
■ Export Documents To Other Programs
■ Good Document Support
■ Safe and Sound: Data Is Protected
■ Fast and Smooth Operation
■ Office Features: Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo, Spell Check, Paste Special
■ A Library for All Your Documents
■ File Explorer
■ Supports Both 64-bit and 32-bit Programs
■ Latest Security Features
■ Supports all Programs
■ Supports all Documents
■ Very Powerful
■ Comes with a Free CD
■ Full 32-bit Architecture
■ 32-bit Ver. is more than 70% faster than the older 64-

System Requirements For SSuite Galaxy Class:

Windows® XP/Vista/Windows® 7/Windows® 8 and later: Version 8 or later of Microsoft DirectX® is recommended for best performance.
Mac® OS X® 10.4 or later: Version 9 or later of Apple® Media Toolbox® is recommended for best performance.
Current EOS® 6.x or later: Version 8 or later of DICOM® is recommended for best performance.
Minimum system requirements:
Microsoft Windows® Vista or later: Version 6 or later of Microsoft DirectX® is recommended for best performance.