Shining Android Data Recovery Crack Product Key Full Download [April-2022]

For most people, having data on their phone accidentally deleted would be a nightmare, especially if there is not backup to turn to. Fortunately, there are measures you can take post factum, namely recovery tools that help you regain access to your contacts, photos, messages, and whatnot, and Shining Android Data Recovery is one example in this regard.
A useful recovery tool for your Android phone or tablet
As suggested by the product’s name, its focus is on Android phone and tablet owners, whom it can help retrieve all their files in case their device crashed or experienced any other malfunction leading to data loss.
In order to start enjoying the goodies the program puts at your disposal, you need to connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable, and wait for the app to find it. Once this happens, you are asked to specify the types of files you want to recover.
Allows you to preview your contacts, messages, photos, more
For that, you need to check any of the following categories before initiating the scan: contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, gallery, picture library, videos, audio, or documents. It is worth pointing out that you should be able to see results in real time, with the files being revealed along the way, and not strictly when the scan is complete.
You can browse your files and preview them either by taking a look at their thumbnails or by opening them in fullscreen mode, which makes sense especially if you want to explore your pictures.
As you can see, Shining Android Data Recovery is pretty easy to get accustomed to, and the balanced set of features it brings close at hand should be suitable for any user out there who has experienced data loss on their Android phone or tablet.









Shining Android Data Recovery Crack+ With Registration Code Free For PC [Latest-2022]

Shining Android Data Recovery is a useful recovery tool that can help you regain access to lost or deleted data on your Android device. Its main feature is the ability to preview pictures, videos, and other documents that can be recovered from an Android device.
It supports any Android device that is powered by Google and can be set to run on the system’s Android version. When you connect the device to your computer using a USB cable and launch the tool, it will ask you to specify the types of files you want to recover. You can preview the deleted photos, videos, messages, email messages, call logs, call history, audio, or documents available to you, and simply pick out the ones that are important to you.
The program also features a data and media scanner that allows you to recover multiple items such as photos, videos, audio, documents, call logs, messages, and more, so that you can find the files that have been deleted or lost due to technical errors.
User-friendly interface, includes a detailed help file, and a tutorial video
Shining Android Data Recovery is a useful data recovery tool, especially because it is able to scan for various types of data on an Android device without requiring any technical expertise.
It comes equipped with a detailed help file that can be accessed at any time, in order to make it easier for you to grasp what you are supposed to do once you launch the program and connect your device to your computer.
The program also includes a detailed tutorial video that can be viewed anytime you have questions about its features and functionality.
Besides, the interface is very user-friendly and does not include any special technical jargon, so it is certainly suitable for people who are not used to using data recovery software.

You just bought a new powerful phone. If you are looking for the best and easiest way to transfer your old contacts to the new phone, you are lucky because you found the right solution for you – Phone Transfer.

All you need to do is choose the file you want to transfer your contacts from and they will be instantly sent to your new phone, so there is no need to register for an account or pay for anything. Using this tool to transfer your contacts is extremely easy – a matter of minutes, really.

What’s new in 3.5.9:

Contacts list has been completely redesigned, so you can see all the contacts on one page.

Now you can also send the same contact information as you

Shining Android Data Recovery Crack With Registration Code

Shining Android Data Recovery Torrent Download is the trusted data recovery software for Android users. This software can retrieve files deleted from Android device, SD card or USB Drive. It is compatible with Android devices such as Android phones, Android tablets and Android-based smartphones. It can recover data from Android phone, Android tablet, SD card, Micro SD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO Duo, SDHC, CF, MMC and other SD-based storage devices. Data is extracted from all kinds of data storage devices, including photos, videos, contacts, documents and applications. You will definitely find that it is very quick, it restores the files without any hesitation.

9. RECUPERATE – Data Recovery for PC

Price: Free

Developer: Streamflux

RECUPERATE is one of the best free tool for data recovery on Windows.

RECUPERATE was developed to help you recover important files and folders that you have deleted from your hard drive. It can recover your deleted or formatted files and folders and it is especially efficient in recovering your deleted files, even if you only deleted them a few minutes ago. The file recovery software works perfectly on all Windows OS and on all versions of Windows. RECUPERATE doesn’t re-install or “refresh” your operating system. Rather, it scans your PC for lost or deleted files/folders and recovers them.

If you are looking for a free but powerful and powerful file recovery software, then you should definitely take a look at RECUPERATE. It is one of the best free tool for data recovery on Windows.

Like Nito, RECUPERATE will scan your computer and find the files that you deleted or lost. It takes only a couple of minutes to find files that you’ve lost or deleted. And when it finds them, it will present all the files that it’s found. You can choose the files that you want to recover. It’s convenient to work with this free file recovery software. It is very easy to use.

With RECUPERATE, you don’t have to restart your PC. That’s the best advantage of using this free file recovery software.


– Quickly scans your PC for lost or deleted files.
– Finds the files that you want to recover.
– Recover deleted/lost files on your hard drive.
– It’s

Shining Android Data Recovery Registration Code

Shining Data Recovery is specially designed to help you recover deleted photos from your Android devices within a few clicks of your mouse. It allows you to scan the important files and recover photos that are seemingly deleted from the smartphone or tablet. It can even identify deleted media files such as music, video and audio files, so you can pick out all of them.

Ok… I’ve had this app for a while (since the Android 2.1 days) and was hoping this was an updated version of it, but have just upgraded my Android from 2.2 to Froyo and now my app can’t find any of my files. I noticed there was a new version of the app when I upgraded, so I installed it thinking I may have wiped the app, but it still can’t find any of my files. Anyone else have this problem?

Good for recovering contacts, text messages, and other lost files from your Android phone without the need for a computer.

As you may guess, this utility is primarily designed to help folks recover deleted data from their smartphones. While this is good news for Android phone users in terms of helping you get back whatever you may have lost, it doesn’t work the same on the Windows platform.
Download the latest version of the app available on the Google Play Store or set your download preferences to ‘high’ to have it automatically download each time the site is updated, which may occur from time to time. The online version of the app requires that you create an account and upload a file, while the desktop version is simply a download which you can install manually on your PC.
If you are willing to try it out, Shining Android Data Recovery is a simple to use utility which gives you control over the sensitive data files, folders, or files, that the app can access in case they are corrupted, formatted, or lost.
As you can see, this is a simple to use app which offers very limited features, but if it can help you recover your information, it’s worth a try. The app was designed to help people recover the lost data on Android phones, but if you have a different mobile operating system, you should consult the product’s support site for more information.

Shining Android Data Recovery Description:
Shining Data Recovery is specially designed to help you recover deleted photos from your Android devices within a few clicks of your mouse. It allows you to scan the important files and recover photos

What’s New In Shining Android Data Recovery?

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System Requirements For Shining Android Data Recovery:

VANQUISH X: Require at least DirectX 11.
DX9: For DX9 systems, support 9-API CPUs only.
DX10: For DX10 systems, support 9-API CPUs and DirectX 11.
DX11: For DX11 systems, support 9-API CPUs and DirectX 11.
DX11 3D Vision: For 3D Vision systems, support DirectX 11.
Minimum: Recommended:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo