Schlongs Of Skyrim Cbbe [WORK]

Schlongs Of Skyrim Cbbe [WORK]



Schlongs Of Skyrim Cbbe

if you start skyrim and find your character, simply look up at the top left of the window on your main screen. you should see an icon of the female player, and under it you will see a circle with a p on it. click that and it will bring up the pause menu. this can be used to pause the game. you will then need to go to the command console, which can be accessed by pressing the esc key at the main menu. you will need to use the command “cd commands/cd commands/resetlevel” while paused. remember, you need to execute each command on it’s own line. once you have done that, simply type “scale.resolutionscale 20” to start the game.

so, these two will now be able to have sex, and thats about it. the first two scenes are similar to the above sex scenes. the second two are slightly different. these scenes will occur after you make your wedding bedchamber. once you make it, you can have the first scene, with sex, just like before. however, you can also have sex with both of the companions at once, just once.

after installing, if you are having trouble getting the head of an enemy to aim at you, make sure you have not selected the “aim down sights” option in your console. you can use this to bypass this issue and get a hard headshot.

first: download mod organizer 4 (mo4) then download the file with the extension.mo4 and save it to your desktop. run the.mo4 file and press the “x” when prompted. you will see the mo4 setup window. click “ok” to continue. once mo4 is installed, select the “reload all” button in the bottom left corner of the setup window. the select file button will turn grey and will be the only item visible in the window. select the skyrim folder in the list on the left, then press the “ok” button. make sure “sv_sex_train_axe” is selected in the list and press the “ok” button. the “sv_sex_train_axe_loop” setting should be selected by default. press “ok” once again. the axe hone control mod should now appear in the list. press the “done” button. you may need to press “refresh” to make sure the mod is listed. select the “axe hone” mod and press the “done” button. the options window for the axe hone control mod should now be displayed. select the “train” setting. press “ok” to continue. select the “100% modifier” and press the “done” button. select the “half” setting and press the “done” button. select the “loose” setting and press the “done” button. select the “wide” setting and press the “done” button. press the “x” to exit the setup window. press the “enter” button to save the changes. select the “skyrim” file in the list on the left. press the “ok” button. select the “skse_loader” file in the list on the left. select the “skip missing” checkbox. open the “skyrim” folder and make a shortcut of “skse_loader.exe” on your desktop. double click on it to open skyrim. once youre in, hold the “shift” button and press the “enter” key. select the “skse_loader” file in the list.

ok, get that rainbow flag of rpgmods out! for those not in the know, modding in skyrim is mostly simple stuff. you download a.esp (essentially a package that contains all the files a mod requires) from the nexusmods or skyrimnexus sites and drag and drop it into skyrim’s data folder. you then open up the skyrim launcher, and run the mod. recommended mods are those found in nexusmods, either recommended by me, or by the modders themselves. if you require a more comprehensive list then my guide to the best mods for skyrim can help!
they’re creepy little buggers, wont you find the role to be your friend? theres a few different perks to save up and unlock that come with the dlc quest. of these, my favorite from all the dlc is the endurance perk. if you have it, companions cannot shackle you. the perk also increases your endurance, another nice to have on the long runs.
you can get herbalism around level 17, but if you don’t have the perk yet here are some basic herbalism recipes. – 2 giant boars – 5 giant sheep – 1 giant deer – 6 giant deer – 1 warg antlers – 1 warg horn – 1 warg fang – 5 giant boar semen – 2 giant sheep semen – 6 giant deer semen – 1 warg claw – 1 giant boar milk – 1 giant deer milk – 2 giant sheep milk
upon starting up the mod, theres a few different options to choose from. theres a seperate short hand interface and a text based system, i recommend going with the text based system as its more clear. modding is quite complicated for noobs, you wont be using the in game menu to do most of your things. youll be using console commands. which basically means typing in a bunch of commands into a chat window. if you choose the right options, and youre lucky then you should be ready to head to a few different options to customize your entire character.