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Based on the Kingdom of Brezan in the Lands Between, the game tells the story of the second King Warlord, a young warrior named Ehrran. Players who have become a King Warlord can also enjoy the game.

◆ The Past
An Elden Lord who holds the spear of power. A young man named Ehrran.
◆ The Future
An Elden Lord who holds the Holy Sword Excalibur. A young man who remembers his past.
◆ The Present
A King Warlord who holds the Holy Sword Excalibur. An Elden Lord who held the spear of power. A young man who intends to fulfill his goal.

◆ Battle System
Escape into battles and change how you fight. Discover tactics and use abilities that cannot be learned through conversations, to defeat your enemies. 【Realized】 Press the right trigger to use an ability, press left trigger to perform a defensive maneuver or back attack.

◆ Arena Mode
Fight and compete in battles against other players.
◆ MapleStory feature: Happy Road
A path that is traversed by players who have found the Holy Sword Excalibur. When you follow this path, the area evolves to be a playground filled with challenges where you can use various activities.

◆ Daily Login
Want to play until you finally become an Elden Lord? You can play with the game’s clock.

◆ Combat
When you play battles, monsters will cross over to fight alongside you. You can attack them by pressing the right button and you can make them flee by pressing the left button. When your HP are on or below 0, monsters will attack and flee, and damage will be dealt to you.

◆ Alliance System
Complete quests with other players.

◆ Level Up System
You can gain EXP when you equip weapons and armor of certain attributes or when you defeat monsters.

◆ Accessories and Weapons
Equip different weapons and armor to receive different stat bonuses.

◆ Use Items
You can use certain items to learn skills, gather EXP, or gain buffs.

◆ Skill System
Try out different skills by spending Skill Points.

◆ SP System
Use SP to learn skills at a faster rate or gain higher attributes.

◆ Magic System
Classy, cool, and diverse magic. There’s magic for everyone!

◆ Online Tournaments


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Elden Ring
    •An Ever Growing World
    •Standard fantasy fantasy elements
    •Dynamic, Reality-Shaping Events and Puzzles
    •Challenging and Dynamic Combat
    •All-New Unique Battle System
    •Utilize Vital Attributes and Technique to Address Weakness in Enemy Party
    •Equip All-New Racial Equipment to Play the Game as You Want
    •A Various amount of Difficulty Levels
    •Explore the Lands Between and Make Friends with Others

  • The Coming Storm
    •A Dramatic Struggle Between Warring Forces in the Lands Between

  • Advanced Battle System
    •With a Unique Battle System, take on opponents with your own timing
    •Fight with the Art of the Three Elements of Fire, Air and Water
    •Master the Art of Strengthening Your Pet
    •Evolve your gameplay as you develop your character

    Elden Ring Limited Edition:

    • Stratum-7 Little Tree Edition
      •The Little Tree has seven branches. When they are tied together, they come to life and rise. It lives despite a violent attack and appears to be an antelope in the bright sunlight.

    • The Holy Blade-Glory of the Elden Ring Edition
      •Upon completion of the campaign, receive the Holy Blade-Glory as a gift after battle. The Holy Blade-Glory is the legendary weapon capable of bending the Time Flow and can only be wielded by Lania.

    • Lucarian Stone Limited Edition
      •Travel alone or join others in adventure with a co-op online play to create your own story in the Lands Between.

    Workshop-Only Mobile Version Features:

    •Character Settings
    •Permanent Pet
    •Permanent Gashapon
    •Gift & Level Up Crystals
    •Two Expansion Items, Tarnished Pet and Gashapon

    Elden Ring Exclusive Edition was previously released in 2014. In this scenario, we are designing a brand new limited edition and expanding the content for the mobile version. Therefore, we are specifying the beta program timing and sale schedule after announcing the release of the main version.

    Elden Ring Exclusive Edition and the Workshop-Only Mobile Version includes similar content, however, the content on the iPhone and Android version will be expanded due to the difference in system configurations


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    ▲Photos taken from ResonatePAL on the official website.

    ▲Graphics and the UI of the title screen.

    ▲Graphics of The Tarnished Prince.

    ▲Graphics of Tarnished Prince’s tutorial.

    ▲Character creation menu and the character preview screen.

    ▲Equipping items and skills.

    ▲Menu screen and the battle menu after the character creation.

    ▲Summary screen after the quest achievement.

    ▲Map screen before a trip.

    ▲Map screen during a trip.

    ▲Map screen before entering the first dungeon.

    ▲Map screen during the progression of the first dungeon.

    ▲Map screen before entering the second dungeon.

    ▲Map screen during the progression of the second dungeon.

    ▲Map screen after the fight with a Grendel in the first dungeon.

    ▲Map screen after the fight with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲Combat menu after the fight with a Grendel in the first dungeon.

    ▲Combat menu after the fight with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲After the battle with a Grendel.

    ▲After the battle with a Grendel.

    ▲After the battle with a Grendel in the first dungeon.

    ▲After the battle with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲After the battle with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲Tutorial screen after the fight with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲After the tutorial.

    ▲Before the fight with a Grendel in the first dungeon.

    ▲After the fight with a Grendel in the first dungeon.

    ▲After the fight with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲After the fight with a Grendel in the second dungeon.

    ▲Map screen before progressing to the next dungeon.

    ▲Map screen during the progression of the third dungeon.

    ▲After the fight with a Grendel in the third dungeon.

    ▲After the fight with a Grendel


    Elden Ring Registration Code

    • Classic Action RPG
    Adventure through battles with monsters as a member of the army of the Elden Lords, one of the champions entrusted with the freedom of the land.
    Story ELDEN RING game:
    • An Epic Drama in which the Various Thoughts of the Characters Intersect in the Lands Between
    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama that consists of a combination of several short stories based on the individual thoughts of the characters.
    Features ELDEN RING game:
    * Peaceful view.
    • Through the hope of future, we shall unite
    A fantasy action role playing game to satisfy people who love RPG games and those who want to try the new “Lords of Avalon”
    • Rise up from the ashes of evil.
    • Encounter many new features including advanced graphical effects, detailed battle systems, and even new weapons and armor!
    For more information about this game, visit the website

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