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Installing Ubuntu on a Mac

I have a Macbook Pro (with Retina display) which I use for everyday tasks. I would like to use Ubuntu on it and take advantage of the added functionality in its App store and cloud (I have a paid Apple subscription).
I have tried to install it by following the instructions here but on step 7 I get the error message “Error while copying private key” and with a little Googling I found that this means that you need to re-encode your key before installing Ubuntu. I have tried installing Ubuntu both with my public and private key and I get the same message for each.
Is there a way to extract the key from the keychain (I have a Macbook Air that I could use as a recovery disk to backup the keychain) and re-encode it using the private key option on here.


Generally speaking, the keychain is tied to a specific OS. You will need to change your public key, without the public key, it is useless; the error you are getting is probably because you are trying to use the wrong type of key.

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