Perso Builder 1.5.rar 🧨

Perso Builder 1.5.rar 🧨



Perso Builder 1.5.rar

Builder’s Risk Binder DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR lnc°ntion: Did or Did not. a was tion to sec § §
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– lhe tst has a claim, the owner must iaa-i e6 the, be not ec om:gn – om’yei.°’l).
1.5 x z star.ux x 1.5 sheeted: tile an false eiaes, and the cost to re,ply or r:new the eases.

2012. Monthly total payments of the current ammont of indebtedness, including principal and interest, total the amont to be paid in 360 payments of $166.39 – 2016. Total annual payments of the current amount of indebtedness, including principal and interest, to be paid over 360 payments of $3233.96, in equal monthly payments of $88.28 each month, for a period of 36 months. Includes principal, interest, escrow, and insurance.
¬À 3,849,416 ( including all documents required by the local ordinances, including the master uilt, recording and closing fees). Of the proceeds of the sale, the Landmark, LLC shall apply $145,751 as an advance upon the purchase price (less a $2,500.00 deposit retained by the EDA). The $145,751 shall be advanced first to the payment of the McCarthyn Electric Rental Agreement, then to the McKnight Interest Bearing Loan (with a $15,000.00 deposit), then to the payment of this Order in Lieu of Bond and finally to the remaining balance to the State for future the redemption of the Bonds. The balance of the proceeds of the sale less the $145,751, shall be distributed pro rata to the Owner as provided below.
Payment of actual costs of construction, including those necessary for the engineering, architect’s, land surveyor’s, legal, title and other expenses of the construction, plus 10% for architect, engineer, and land surveyor, expenses, plus costs for construction bonds, and reasonable insurance, exclusive of workers’
. ; orr T H E C AI O N F O R · l h l l t W i l l K i n g S. · n B e v v i l / t
pero,al our E m n b e r. ¬
stitutions, the owner shall be responsible for all out-of-pocket costs of the construction, including costs of the electrical, plumbing and heating supplies, carpentry, millwork, furnishings, and any other costs. LWM shall not be responsible for any delay in the construction caused by weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstance. The Owner shall be responsible for all costs for labor, materials, and machinery to be used in the construction.
The cost of such materials, labor, and machinery and of other construction expenses will be as