[PC] Virtual Hottie 2.2 ENG [BETTER]

[PC] Virtual Hottie 2.2 ENG [BETTER]


[PC] Virtual Hottie 2.2 ENG

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RaspberryPi2 – I2C Broken?

I’m a beginner at Linux, and I’ve been experimenting with the RaspberryPi2, and I’m running into a problem that I have been unable to find a solution for. I am writing a program where a RaspberryPi2 is communicating with an I2C device. The first time that my program is run, my program succeeds in sending a request to the I2C device. However, as the program continues to run, every few seconds, the I2C device will respond with an error, stating that it does not have permission to execute the requested function. I’m writing the program in C++, using a command line system for debugging purposes. I have been searching the net for a solution to the problem, without success. I’ve asked for help from a raspberry.pi.users list group, and so far no one has an answer. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Or have any advice to share? Thanks!


I have been able to run the same C++ program on my Pi 2 without any problems! I am running the code on a RPi with Raspbian and the code is running the same as yours.
When you were first writing your program you may have had I2C issues. The easiest solution would be to simply try again. If it still fails, then check your code again.
I think you may have compiled your program with an old version of the C++ compiler. I am using GCC 4.6 (I do not think this is the cause of your problem, but perhaps it could be a reason).


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[PC] Virtual Hottie 2.2 ENG
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[PC] Virtual Hottie 2.2 ENG
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