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How to properly filter strings in a JSON of arbitrary depth?

I have a variable text that is a JSON string of arbitrary depth.
“version”: 1,
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Windows 7 Portable ISO?

Is there a Windows 7 Portable ISO in the same format as Windows 8?


Yes. Download ISO file from here


Yes. It’s available here.

It’s currently dated January 28, 2012, so you might have to wait a
bit. Don’t worry, there are plenty of Windows 7 releases right now.
You probably know there are two types of installations available for
Windows 7: the traditional installation of Windows 7 that takes place
in an active partition of your hard disk, or the standalone
installation where Windows 7 runs directly from a flash memory
(pen drive, external hard disk, or even a portable hard disk).

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Once again I had the pleasure of hosting a readers’ event in Mumbai. On December 3, I conducted the 4th edition of the ‘Midnight with Devdutt‘ event, an initiative by A.D. Media. For the previous three years, I had been collaborating with acclaimed author and former IPS officer Devdutt Pattanaik and A.D. Media to curate readers’ events in New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. This annual event has been praised by several writers, politicians, academics, and readers alike. My own books have also participated in the event.

The year 2017 has been remarkable in many ways. It has seen unprecedented outpourings of emotion and a sense of helplessness and despair over a season of violence in many parts of the world, which has ultimately turned out to be the season of transition. So much of energy has been spent watching and reading news on social media and even Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. One of the biggest challenges for most of us has been the compulsion to constantly consume information, especially if it is in the shape of videos and photographs. It has become difficult to turn away from this