Padri Konkani Film Songs |LINK| Download 🔘

Padri Konkani Film Songs |LINK| Download 🔘


Padri Konkani Film Songs Download

Dinesh Kumar always loved the bhajans and kirtans of Sri. Pandit Ravi Shankar. He carries them with him wherever he goes. He now sings them for himself, his family, and friends. Click on the links below for some of the highlights. You can download them directly by right-clicking on any of the images below, then choose “Save As” to save the file to your computer. You also can add them to your iTunes library to play in the car or on your iPod. Thank you, Dinesh.

anonymous, i have those songs on audio cd. Yes that is by Sunil Pinto. You can email me and ask me for them.
I had to admit that i don’t have any konkani songs in my kareokes. Now i have that. Thanks a lot.
Here is the list of songs. Let me know if you need anything else. thanks.
Sidea porey,
leto nedaoye,
le lalong lo sova,
jivit sukhi khorem,
so do khame konvo,
sov kovek lagoa lado,
nivit madan,
le jiglo,
le lalong lo sova,
kurivando madani.
Jishore kon jivit sukhi khorem.
le lalong lo sova,
so le do javayi varem,
le konek ghadvello.

During the annual Konkani Cultural Convention, the South Goa Aquaria, Goa, on Saturday, noted sculptor John Paul’s art installation at the auditorium in Goa University. The sculpture was a huge acrylic version of what the artist had envisaged as the final form of his “Konkani >Nation” project. He also created a composite diorama of five Konkani-speaking communities. The work, displayed at the Convent of Mercy in Madgaon, is a portrayal of a village community in Central Goa, a model of Konkani that the artist has sketched out. The acrylic portrait will be donated to a public library in Anjuna, while the diorama will be installed at the Goa legislature. ( See story on Page 1)

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the evening programme was closed by nandalaike, mca president and president of konkani sikshak sangh on the occasion of mca first decennial celebration. nandalaike reaffirmed mca’s commitment towards the development of konkani language, arts, literature and culture in qatar and in the world in general. he also acknowledged the efforts of meena rebimbus, homi manohar and all those who have made mca a centre of activity and a landmark for the people of mangalore and konkan. he also expressed gratitude to the government of india for extending support to mca for the last decade. he also thanked all the individuals who have rendered their services for mca in different capacities. nandalaike also expressed gratitude to the government of qatar for extending the invitation to mca to hold the celebration in doha. the programme concluded with mca singing vandana and mca’s rendition of the last ever rendition of trishakti.
the event was organised by konkani centre qatar in association with mca and with the support of govt. of india and the ministry of external affairs. the venue was hosted by qatar govermment. the programme was organised by kala prathibha samiti, mangalore. the event was co-organised by konkani centre qatar and mangalore cultural association. a special thanks to qatar govermment and ministry of external affairs for extending support for this wonderful programme.