Opel Cd500 Navi West Europe Free Download

Opel Cd500 Navi West Europe Free Download

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Opel Cd500 Navi West Europe Download

another destination in germany. at this year’s frankfurt motor show, opel also presented its all-new insignia, a mid-size premium sedan that epitomizes the brand’s new ‘european dna’. the new insignia is also the first ever in opel history to be built by new technology partner geely at their plant in south china, making it more efficient and more environmentally friendly. in frankfurt, test drivers got to to try the insignia for the first time. as well as demonstrating the advanced all-led headlamps, led rear lights and a new opel intelligent light system with direct and indirect lighting, insignia generates 200 wh/km and emits just 121 g/km of co2.

opel’s operation in indonesia is at its most complex and comprehensive ever, with 70 different models on sale. the company has also introduced new pricing and payment methods that make it easier for customers in indonesia to finance a new car. opening year 2013 will see the company introducing about 10 new or revised models in indonesia, plus a new vehicle design project. one of the new models is the new insignia, described as ‘the first insignia in the world to be built at geely’s plant in south china’.

opel has introduced the new insignia as the company prepares to concentrate on five core markets that represent 85 per cent of its brand sales. the new mid-size premium sedan is the ninth globally marketed model built at geely’s plant in south china.

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Not only will the up-to-date map be central to your in-vehicle navigation system, but the latest information about your route helps you avoid your destination more efficiently. As a result, your trip with Navi in your new car will be smarter, safer and more convenient.
Thanks to the common operating system and some of the advanced navigation features, Navi works with virtually any GPS-enabled mobile device, but the connection is more reliable for your smartphone or tablet.
Your cell phone is essential for your navigation, but it needs to be connected to your vehicle’s battery to remain charged. When you are on the road and your phone is within a few steps of the vehicle, Navi can monitor your phone’s battery power so you can know when it’s time to find a charging spot.
You want the driving experience to be as stress-free as possible and sometimes, you find that talking to a passenger is distracting. Here’s one of the smart things that Navi can do: when a passenger’s phone is in range, the system can put that device on mute so your voice is always heard.
The time of day can have a big impact on the environment, making it easy for you to be a good driver, share road space and avoid air pollution. Navi can show you the environmental impact of your route based on traffic patterns and driving hours.
Away from the road, your Opel can play a role in your social life. Knowing where your friends are or if they have plans for the day can really make the drive easier. Navi can notify you when you’re near another driver’s vehicle on the same road.