Moondance 1995 Download HD Quality 2021

Moondance 1995 Download HD Quality 2021


Moondance 1995 Download HD Quality

i like this film. the saxophone player is very likable. and the girl is a very likable young lady as well. it is a very well made film. this is a good, clean movie about embracing change. moondance finds a new activity to occupy her summer, while she also copes with her widowed mom getting a boyfriend. and the ranch owner, dante, comes to accept this girl reopening his life. kay panabaker plays a very likable protagonist.

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this is a naturalistic and realistic movie that shows contemporary young teenage girls as sensitive and strong human beings. there are very few films that do this. over the last four years, sisterhood of the traveling pants is about the only one that comes to mind.parents who want to watch a dvd with children 10-14, who are tired of disney punch and judy, over-the-top, throw-in-the-kitchen-sink, satirical fantasies for kids, will appreciate the calm and gentle approach and atmosphere that this movie creates.the acting is delightful. lori loughlin and don johnson shine, and kay panabaker glows as moondance. the writing is believable, and the film moves quickly. the movie provides smiles, not laughs. if you’re looking for laughs, try a t.v. sit-com. if you’re looking for warm and endearing, and a feel-good/feel great family film, here it is.
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well made film for saxophone players. the lead is a cute young lady. and the main character is a very likable young lady. they both have good, realistic acting. the music is chosen very well. moondance is a great first step into movies for players of any instrument, and i recommend it to all saxophonists. do watch it!