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Rahman has been nominated for the Global Music Awards for Young Musician of the Year every year since their establishment in 2010. In 2014 he was nominated for the Global Music Awards for World Music Album and World Music Song of the Year. His album ”Jai Santoshi Maa” has been nominated for World Music Album of the Year, and the single ”Jaalakazhcha jaiya” was nominated for World Music Song of the Year. The Album was written and produced by Ilaiyaraaja and released by Sony Music in India. The track ”Jaiya”, sung by Sukhwinder Singh was a #1 Hit.[failed verification] It was the first ever public performance of the song in front of an audience. The Worldwide debut of the single occurred during Rahman’s performance at the Kalaignar TV’s musical show Indian Idol Season 2. The video of the duet, ”Anandam” was also shown on the internet during the same musical show. The performance will be soon released on DVD. The video was directed by debutante duo Rajesh Yadav and Reji Lama of the indie film group The Black Singh. The song has been remixed and rerecorded in English by Danny Jelen as ”Transtulize” on his 2011 ”’Universal Conscious”’ album.[failed verification]

The love story of the movie is about how a girl who is on her period and her in-laws face a lot of problems when they try to have their first child. So they find Santoshi Maa’s Santhali and told that a baby girl will be born on a Sunday on 9th June. But on Sunday her labor pains and when the girl was born on Sunday, Santoshi Maa says this is the girl born for the upcoming Santoshi Maa Mahotsava, and the father name is Santoshi Maa, Gauri (Ganga). And the father name is Santoshi Maa Gopal also be born. So the child is not only born to the mother but also to both sides. And the movie also show that how Santoshi Maa helps Gauri to paint and stay at the home of her mother-in-law using Santoshi Maa’s Santhali and also painting a painting for her mother-in-law. And Gauri and Santoshi Maa becomes a daughter and a son to each other.

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