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{Lennar Digital Sylenth1 V2.02 X86-x64 VST TeamAiR Keygen}

Leon B’s Synth Magic – Kontakt Version Description: Lennardigital Sylenth1 Crack version 2.02 x86-x64 vst teamair keygen The VST Plugin Licence Agreement is supplied with the. |.Abu Dhabi: Two Bangladeshi nationals were detained for 19 hours at a UAE immigration camp for illegally working in the country and will be deported, sources told Gulf News on Wednesday.

The duo were detained in the capital Abu Dhabi and were questioned about their stay in the UAE and their employment status after working at an establishment for five years, sources said.

They were held at the Satwa Immigration detention centre for 19 hours, sources added.

Babar Yousuf, 48, and Arif Hossain, 52, are believed to be Bangladeshi nationals. The Dhaka Tribune reported that they were trying to enter a food establishment in Abu Dhabi, but were denied entry by police after they presented a fake passport.

The two claimed to be press workers for Bangladesh’s information ministry, a Dubai-based newspaper reported.

While they were being held, they were also given a medical check-up, sources said.

According to the report, immigration officials found that Yousuf is working illegally in the UAE.

They also found out that Arif had come to the UAE on an employment visa that expired last September.

However, he was illegally employed by a UAE firm in 2005, the report added.

The duo are now scheduled to be deported on January 23.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Shahidul Haque said last week that the two Bangladeshis were detained in the UAE for illegally staying in the country.

“We have lodged a protest with the UAE embassy and consulate general in Dhaka,” he was quoted as saying.

Abu Dhabi is a popular hub for Bangladeshi workers with the majority of them from Sylhet Division.

Reeya Gul and her family, who arrived in Abu Dhabi more than a decade ago from Sylhet, said she did not know any of the two men.

“Arif had rented a room at his family’s place and we saw him and Babar Yousuf on a daily basis, but they are like any other people living in Abu Dhabi,” said Reya Gul. “No one recognises them.”


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