Legions Of Satan Jonathan Williams PDF

Legions Of Satan Jonathan Williams PDF


Legions Of Satan Jonathan Williams PDF

Now, what does that tell you? It tells you that any witchcraft that Satan got going in the Roman Catholic Church is still going on. The Apostle Peter wrote in his first Epistle about the deeds of darkness, which include this wacky system.

He says, This system of the antichrist is also idle in monarchies, and empty in principalities. Ephesians 2:2, John 16:2. Well, I think most people know that the Catholic Church was the ruling system of the Roman Empire. What you dont know is the fact that they used a mixture of the Hindu religion mixed with Roman Catholicism. Satan has a lot of influence even now.

He doesnt stop with that. He will use mediums and spiritists as a tool of satanic power. Why would these demons who are at work in the Roman Catholic Church, why do they want to stop your preaching of the Gospel? It tells you the answer. Theyre doing it to keep you from learning this knowledge of heaven that would be so precious to your soul. They want you to be miserable.

Well, so, they just grab hold of a man and they put them in a mad house. Then they start to work on them. Read your Bible. People get overcome by evil spirits. Listen, Ive got a lot more to say. People have got a spirit of witchcraft in them. That spirit makes you go insane. You can give yourself to Satan and become a fornicator. All of this goes with idolatry. Ive had people tell me they dont want to be a fornicator. They say, Oh, its not right to be a fornicator. Ill just have to do it. But, they are overtaken by darkness. There is a battle for the soul.

Satan is a liar. I dont know why he says these things. Ill come to that later. He says, It takes on demonic possession. When you become a child of Satan, he says, You are a demoniac. You have lost the eternal life. You will go to hell. You will suffer forever in Hell. You have committed a high crime. You have sinned. You will suffer eternally in Hell. It takes a man to get hold of one, a charismatic man, in whom Satan placed his love. Be careful.

Thats the goal. There are legions of demons that would like to have you go there; there are countless spirits in the universe that would like to see the great revelation of God happen, but Satan cannot stop it now. He has failed; he has been defeated; he cannot stop it now. The policy is going to be the same. The people are going to have to work for it, and its going to take a long time, and is he going to be able to talk people out of it, is he going to be able to use that the great world systems in the universe, that has always controlled men, will he be able to use those? Hell try.
Now, Jonathan was recorded before 1785 that by 1804 that he would be enough to say that Britains spirits were so numerous that they could occupy any Christian sect. This was 1804, and that was recorded before he died. Before he died in 1812, he told people that the church of England could be her own Bible, and that it would be the authority by which she would be governed. This was written in 1811, before he died.
John of Revelations chapter 14, verse 17. Ill be in the temple, and Satans forces in the temple were the ancient bloody Satanic blood line, who are still active today, and theyre always here.
The revelations of three years ago were that, Satan would send some of his most powerful warriors to tear down the church; that he was going to destroy the church of God, and it was this description that I received from the spirit of the Lord that said its all going to go down, its all going to come down, and its all going to disappear. Thats the basis of this information.