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JH StickyNotes lets you create an unlimited number of notes in your profile to keep track of the information that you frequently use. Make temporary or always available notes with 1.4MB of storage, every one of which has its own position.
It’s a great tool for storing the information you feel is worth remembering. Let it be a good reminder for the information you’re searching for or can be useful whenever you need to review the information you’ve created.
For example, you can place sticky notes on the desktop for reviewing your personal or professional history. Another option is to create sticky notes within the context menu for switching between the notes. If you want to place a note that is automatically added to the Start menu or desktop, you can simply drag and drop the note. By default, sticky notes have a translucent effect. You can modify them to change their color or make them appear opaque.
Features and additional settings:
1. Create unlimited number of notes, which are placed to the desired position
2. Add notes using drag-and-drop actions, copy and paste, manual input, and auto-added after use
3. Position every note to the desired location
4. Resize, delete, copy, and paste data within a note
5. Drag-and-drop notes to the desktop
6. Modify the note’s background color
7. Use a palette of preset color combinations
8. Pin notes to the desktop
9. Modify the following:
– Allow sticky notes to be deleted and pinned to the desktop
– Hide notes from the taskbar
– Change the default profile color
10. Load stickers from the local network or the Internet

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Must Have Application!


Easy to use app for anyone to use

By John Oliver, 05/11/2013

I use this app several times per month. It comes loaded with multiple subjects which allows you to be on the go and create numerous sticky notes. I especially like the bookmark function, it allows you to stick a note to a specific website without any hassle. It is very user friendly.

Powerful, Flexible App

By Batman, 05/11/2013

Very handy tool that you can use in any other instances you need to keep things in mind. It has a simple interface that is easy to follow and use and it allows you to create and place notes.”I am a freelance, daily newspaper photographer in southern California. I spend my time editing photos, explaining how to get good results, and all the other things that it takes to make a great photographer. I use a Nikon D700, Nikon 55-300, Nikon 500, Nikon 50, Nikon Macro, Nikon C5, Nikon 20mm lens, Nikon 16-35, 24mm, and 35-70 lens and the 70-200, 105 macro and 300mm lenses, and a Wacom tablet.

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JH StickyNotes Activation Code

★★★★★ StickyNotes is a free and simple note utility for Windows. Fast and lightweight. It is used to create and use notes of any length, such as to-do lists, bookmarks, addresses, and reminders. It also enables you to organize notes into folders and keep a single file open at a time, and even print the notes via standard print drivers.

★★★★★ Create new notes at the right-click in the taskbar (minimized) or double-click on the desktop. On the note context menu items for creating and editing notes are available.

★★★★★ Drag and drop notes to organize them into directories or move notes around in existing directories. You can also select notes in one window (e.g. the taskbar or desktop) and move them to another windows (e.g. another desktop).

★★★★★ Switch among themes (in the original version 1). Change the color scheme for notes. Set the background image to any picture or video file.

★★★★★ Change the size of your notes (max. 8 inches high, and max. 8 pages per note). Add notes and a folder to the system-tray-status (for those who like to be able to quickly note reminders of something without having to open and close the window).

★★★★★ Paste the clipboard content into a note. Change the spellchecker language for the clipboard text. And much more…

★★★★★ Drag and drop a note onto the taskbar or any other desktop window in order to create a shortcut for it.

★★★★★ Print the notes (just double-click on the notes). You may also specify the print settings (papersize, margin etc.).

★★★★★ Open another application when viewing one note. Drag and drop the note to an application to automatically open.

★★★★★ Import and export notes from one another. Drop your notes on the desktop and from the desktop into your notes.

★★★★★ Print one specific note (just double-click on the note). Drag and drop the notes to an application to automatically print one note.

★★★★★ Cut and paste notes between your notes. Drag and drop the notes between two notes. Drag and drop the notes between an application and a note.

★★★★★ Drag and drop the notes between your notes. Drag and drop the notes between two notes. Drag and drop the notes between an application and a note.

What’s New In JH StickyNotes?

JH StickyNotes is a small software application developed specifically for helping you create desktop notes where you can store important ideas. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there. In order to run the tool correctly and avoid experiencing errors and bugs, you need to install Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 on the target computer.
Requires no installation
The program is portable which means that you do not have to follow some predefined steps included in an installation process. Plus, you may drop it on USB flash drives or other portable devices and carry it with you all the time. You can run it directly from the storage device without having to possess administrative privileges.
It is important to mention that the utility does not leave entries in your Windows registry and create additional configuration files so you can get rid of it using a simple deletion task of the files that you have downloaded from the Internet.
Clean and simple design
You can find JH StickyNotes running quietly in the system tray without disturbing your activity. You can gain access to its interface by right-clicking on the tray icon. A help manual is not included in the package. However, you can quickly get an idea about how to tweak the dedicated parameters because they look easy to work with.
Place multiple sticky notes on your desktop
JH StickyNotes offers you the possibility to create multiple notes and places them to the desired desktop position using drag-and-drop actions. In addition, you may resize them. All created notes appear in the context menu from the system tray so you can easily keep track of them.
You can manually input text in the main window or paste the information from the clipboard, delete data, and copy text to the clipboard. Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to pin notes to the desktop, make notes appear translucent, as well as change the background color of the notes by choosing between several preset options from a built-in palette.
Final observations
To sum things up, JH StickyNotes comes packed with several handy features for helping you create quick desktop notes, and can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.
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System Requirements:

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