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if you’re using a laptop that doesn’t have an embedded numeric keypad but you’d still like to use those keys in reaper, here is a numpad key emulator script by andrew downie (mirror link 1) (mirror link 2) along with its corresponding auto hotkey source code (mirror link 1) (mirror link 2). this nifty script reminds you if you’ve accidentally left the numpad emulation turned on by a series of beeps, and you can configure how often you get reminded. the script activates the numpad emulation by default as soon as it is opened. it also displays a dialog box with configuration options and a list of the hotkeys used. quite self-explanatory by design, but if you get stuck, andrew has been known to haunt rwp from time to time.

the development versions of the vsco plugins are free and can be used on a monthly basis. but there is a catch, if you have a paid subscription you will not be able to get the current update. as soon as the update is released you will be able to get it. you will also not get any updates for the next month until you renew your subscription.
this is a list of all of the vsco community plugins, but it includes the free versions as well. just because the vsco plugins are free, doesn’t mean they are just free. they include time limits for the release of the updates. also note that if you purchase the vsco plugin, you will be able to get the updates for life, as long as you keep your subscription. just be aware that they are paid vsco plugins, so you won’t get any updates for the next month.
you can download the free version of the vsco plugins from here: the vsco community site is by no means perfect, but they are pretty good. if you have an account, you should be able to download them by logging in with your account. if not, you can sign up for a free account and download the plugins from there.
the vsco community plugins are vsco products that have been released for free. they tend to be a bit hit or miss for those not familiar with the vsco filters, and they aren’t going to be for everybody. that being said, many people seem to enjoy them and i’ve never had any issues with the ones i’ve tried. i do recommend that you check them out on the community site before you go too far with them.