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i’ve helped the hr team to build a system and i was working for my first clients and my hr team, i was creating a payroll management system, i was setting up tasks on different tools (zendesk, project, jira, trello…), i was setting up project ownership, i was supporting to onboard the new employees with my friends and they had so many tasks to do! and these tasks were not linked to each other!

so i started using sapling, with sapling i have a clear vision of what is my process and what is not, sapling is managing everything automatically and what is important to me is that they support me and my team to move in a workflow that makes sense, to me, they know my process.

i can’t say that i spend less time on my direct reports. i think that this is something that many startups have too, by feeling with them, i’ve learned how to work and how to use my time. when i look at my time now, i think it’s pretty amazing. by managing my time and being organized, i’m learning a lot. i’m learning how to manage my time, but this is something where i’m feeling it more and more because i’m seeing it less.

we are actually much happier and my team are much happier with the sapling solution, because if you have your process as it should be, you feel yourself more secure and more comfortable to take decisions, you feel more connected to the team, you are in a work flow that makes sense.

the company has been hiring people for more than ten years. currently they are providing all kinds of services for over 60 startups, including one of the top 10 food and beverage companies in north america.

when considering sapling, luke asked himself, is sapling right for me? he didn’t want to limit his options and he liked the sapling subscription model. this kept him in the conversation. he also liked the amount of documentation that sapling provides, both online and via the apis. luke wanted to start right, not break his teeth later and he wanted full control over the data. the sapling apis are fantastic, immo will have no problem consuming the api in the future.
luke knew that a cloud application would be the best way to grow the team and ensure continuity of service. luke also likes the idea of having a single pane of glass. he has seen sapling and they have a lot of value, but can’t use it as an off the shelf solution.
finally, while luke wanted a system that would provide a solid foundation for his startup, he also wanted to be able to leverage api’s and install as needed. immo apps are opensource and they can also be customized using sapling’s platform. you can take their api’s and integrate them into your sapling solution quickly and easily. because immo apps are also opensource, they have a lot of value on their own.
immo left his job of 15 years running a cleaning business to fully dedicate his time to his family and friends. immo loves to spend time and go camping. immo loves his family, his hockey and of course openimmo.
immo is the founding president of the south african canadian circles and the founder of the openimmo association . immo is a passionate advocate of the sport and of open source software, in particular ooi. immo and his team are dedicated to improve the current situation of open source software.