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RadioTuna Desktop is an entertaining application that allows you to listen to online radio stations from the comfort of your desktop, eliminating the need of a web browser.
It embeds a variety of radio stations and genres and uses a classy and elegant approach that appeals to all audiences. You can create a list of favorites in order to access your preferred music whenever you want.
As far as requirements are concerned, the program can be run on an average computer, although it is compulsory to have an Internet connection.
Once the installation process is done, you can get acquainted with the user interface, which sports a neat appearance and encases everything you need inside a few buttons.
The radio stations are arranged by genre, but if you already know the name of the station you want to listen to, just enter it inside the search box in order to quickly retrieve its frequency.
You can experiment with various genres, from rock to dance, funk, jazz, latin, pop and reggae (to name just a few) and you can store the stations inside a maximum of ten presets, for quick access.
The playback process can be controlled using play / pause buttons, the three tone (DSP) dialers and the volume adjuster. Moreover, the song that is played currently will be displayed alongside its name and artist.
The navigation between channels can be done using the buttons inside the GUI, as well as with the aid of hotkeys. These are listed inside the About window of the program, with detailed explanations.
Overall, we can safely state that RadioTuna Desktop was an entertaining and revealing experience. There are hundreds of stations that you can listen to and store for later use.







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NoMas is a simple tool that will assist you in fixing the issues related to msExchMasterAccountSid. The program allows you to convert one type of file to another. There is an option to keep the file attributes as they are, or to convert the file to FAT.
NoMas provides a user-friendly interface to convert from one type of file to another. For example, you can change the name of a file, the file size and path. You can also keep the file attributes as they are. Using the program, you can easily convert one type of file to another.
This application allows you to convert one type of file to another file type. It can be used for modifying different types of files. You can run the program on Windows NT, XP, 2000, and Vista. This software can save your time by giving you the option to change the file properties such as the name, size, date created, path, type, and so on. It also supports multiple file conversions. So, if you want to convert a number of files, this program is able to do it. It also provides a tool that allows you to convert the image files.
The software comes with various features to convert one type of file to another. It can convert one file type to another file type. You can also convert multiple file type to another type. The program has a user-friendly interface to support all types of users. It also provides multiple option for you to convert your file, and you can also save your time and do multiple file conversion at once. It also allows you to select multiple files at one time. You can open multiple files at a time, so it is a great feature. It has a built-in tool to help you fix the msExchMasterAccountSid errors which lead to a problem with Exchange event ID 9548. This error can be resolved using this tool. It allows you to convert one file to another. This program is reliable, as it is easy to use, and you can always customize it as you want.
When it comes to editing, creating and optimizing video and audio files, VideoPad Video Editor includes a vast range of features that enable you to perform almost all kinds of corrections and tweaks, along with fast preview of the changes before exporting.
The program can be used for the modification of your favorite videos. It lets you cut clips from your video, add effects, resize and trim the video, crop it, and also add subtitles, audio

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IMAGES RIP (IRI) is a professional multimedia image processing, conversion and optimization software. IRI provides all the necessary functions for users to convert and optimize the images from the most popular formats to other formats or dimensions.
IRI is easy to use and has easy-to-manage features that make the processing of images as simple as possible. It is easy to learn even for novice users and the interfaces have been designed in a way that every user, regardless of his or her knowledge of computers, can easily operate the software.
Optical character recognition (OCR) is the software or device that converts data from a scanned image or data file to a more legible computer-readable form. A lot of information from printed text is created and organized by hand and in a way that computers can manage, and print. OCR creates the ability to create computer files from scanned text.
Wikipedia describes this as follows: “In computing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an automatic procedure that converts images of text into machine-recognizable form, such as digital text, for use in a word processor, computer or other device. The text may be scanned from a printed page, a digital camera photograph, an image transmitted via email or any other source.
If a library is to be controlled from a computer or a client-server system, the local client can use text entry forms for interacting with the library.
‘Texts from Images’, the mnemonic name for ‘OCR’ refers to the fact that text that appears in an image is extracted and converted into a form that computer can use.”
As the name implies, IRI is designed to work on images. The application can be used to create high quality images from bitmap graphics, transparent or watermark graphics, and structured or unstructured files (both JPEG and TIFF files). Users can also combine several files into one image.
If you are using a scanner or camera and want to scan documents or photographs, you will be glad to know that IR3 supports several scanners and devices, such as Canon, HP, Epson, IBM, Kodak, Samsung, HP Indigo, Xerox, Panasonic, Abbingdon, FUJIFILM and others.
Many image processing functions are provided to process and modify the scanned images.The functions include: converting to grayscale, black and white, sepia and inverted colors, extracting text from images, converting to JPEG,

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Internet image converter is an excellent software that has been designed to assist you in any conversion task. It allows you to convert the images in various formats.
Image converter allows you to convert the images in almost any format, including BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PPM, PNG, TIFF, TGA, WMF and many others.
The first important thing about this software is its speed. You don`t need to wait for days to complete the conversion process. The algorithm of Internet image converter to convert images is very fast. It is able to convert images in batches and, therefore, you won`t need to wait for one image to convert.
Not only does Internet image converter convert images, but it also gives you the ability to enhance the digital images. You can do so by applying various filter settings (such as sharpening, contrast, and color balance) as well as by resizing the picture. You can also crop the image or remove any unwanted part of it.
You can also combine the images with each other by using the “Insert” option. Alternatively, you can add other image editing tools to the process such as the “Eraser”, “Rotate”, “Crop” or “Magnify”.
You can also use the “Rotate” option to add an additional layer to the images such as a logo or a template.
Internet image converter is a useful software that may be helpful to you if you are searching for something that allows you to convert images in batches.
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What CCleaner can also help you with is cache cleaning and automatic cleaning of your system from temporary and useless files.
By using CCleaner you can ensure that your PC stays free of errors, problems and security threats.
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System Requirements For Image Converter:

Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7 x64
Processor: Intel Core i5 760
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 760/Radeon HD 7700
DirectX: Version 11.0
Storage: 6 GB available space
Additional requirements:
• SP2 for all previous Service Packs
• Steam and its installation folder are installed in the default location
• A stable Internet connection is required to install the game
• An Internet connection is required to activate the game