Idmgcextcrxfile ##TOP## ♚

Idmgcextcrxfile ##TOP## ♚



the idmgcextcrxfile function is used to retrieve the file name for the xml extension associated with the xml extension of the content type. if the content type does not have an xml extension, this function returns the empty string. a value of 0 means that the extension is unknown.



id an id that identifies a resource
id a value returned by get, post, put, or delete. the id identifies a resource, and must be the same as the parameter id returned by the fetch api.


description schema
id string
idmgcextcrxfile string
name string
name string


retrieve the file name for the xml extension of the xml content type:

the idmgcextcrxfile command processes a crx file and produces a structure that is suitable for use with the idmgrdcs and idmgrdcc commands. if the crx file does not contain any cdata that begins with a element, the command produces a warning message and skips the cdata. if a crx file is not a valid xml file, then an error is returned. if the crx file does not contain any external or internal crx elements, then a warning is printed.

The idmgcextcrxfile class supports the IGCE/CMS extension of the idmcmsext.idm. The file in which the IGCE/CMS extensions are defined is referred to as idmgcext.xml. The attributes of idmgcext.xml should be defined as follows:
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