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in june 1999, the institute of medicine (iom) of the national academies of sciences, engineering, and medicine published a report entitled “what is homeopathy?” the iom concluded that there is no evidence to support the homeopathic principle of similarity; and that homeopathy is not a valid medical or scientific therapy.

in 2001, the united states congress passed the prescription drug user fee act (pdufa) act which established the prescription drug user fee and modernization act (pdumfa) to regulate pharmaceutical companies. the act stipulates that homeopathic remedies are drugs and, therefore, are subject to the same regulations as all other prescription drugs.

the growing use of homeopathic remedies, especially over the past decade, has led to a scarcity of scientific data regarding their efficacy and safety. recently, the fda has become concerned about the increasing use of homeopathic remedies and the potential for widespread use of these unapproved and unregulated substances. the fda often requests information from companies about their homeopathic products. the fda also requests that manufacturers conduct scientific studies to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of homeopathic products for the treatment of specific conditions. such studies must be conducted in accordance with the fda good laboratory practice (glp) guidelines, including good manufacturing practices (gmp). only after the fda has granted approval does a company have the ability to legally market its product.

the fda also requests additional information from pharmaceutical companies regarding their homeopathic products. for example, the fda requires that companies submit safety reports for all homeopathic products, regardless of whether the company is currently marketing these products.

homeopathic products should not be used if they are not manufactured as per the standards of good manufacturing practice. if a homeopathic product is manufactured in an unhygienic environment, it may cause a contamination. it may also contain bacteria or other toxins, and therefore cannot be used safely. in such cases, homeopathic products should not be used. they should be replaced with products manufactured as per gmp standards.
homeopathic products should be kept away from children. they should not be given to children even if the children do not show any ill effects. only a physician should prescribe homeopathic products for children.
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in a homeopathic pharmacy, a drug is considered as a natural substance, which causes the disease when it is given in high dilution. homeopathic medicines are prepared by repeatedly diluting the medicine in water or alcohol, and this process is called the dilution and succussion. this process is repeated until the drug concentration becomes 10-30x more diluted. homeopathic medicines are considered to be safe as they are not toxic and they are free from side effects. homeopathic medicines are helpful in curing a number of diseases. they are used to treat a number of health issues, such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and rheumatism. they are also used to treat chronic diseases. there are a number of homeopathic medicines that are used to treat a number of health conditions. these homeopathic medicines include, belladonna, squill, digitalis, aconite, digitalis, calcarea carbonica, and hydrocyanic acid.