High Tail Hall 17 Full 39 ((EXCLUSIVE))

High Tail Hall 17 Full 39 ((EXCLUSIVE))

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High Tail Hall 17 Full 39

enchanted by the sun, zeref continues to spout his views, but as he does, he starts to disintegrate as the shock wave of his magic creates a new world. the movement and sound of his transformation sending nearby rocks flying, zeref tells those he can’t see that he is no longer with them and is “not bound by laws of nature.” zeref stares at his reflection in a pool of water as the new universe with a world of his own comes into view. within the new world, zeref asks mavis why she needed to grow up, and states that she will now see the universe for herself. as she cries and her head is on his shoulder, zeref tells her she’ll see what he sees; as mavis looks up, she sees zeref speaking with another acnologia and realizes it’s time to move on. [64]

as zeref begins to collapse in on himself, he states that as long as he has a heart, he will live; he is reborn as acnologia, determining that he will rule the world as long as there are people, even though he desires nothing more than to be left to his own thoughts, surrounded by the scenery as it changes. [64]

[29] he then tells mavis and friends that he has seen the future, and only people capable of hope deserve to live on. [61] zeref then leaves a girl in the future, whom he will be able to keep safe; acnologia, however, is not happy about this. he then tells mavis to live a good life, and that he will wait for her. [64] zeref then leaves the girl, calling for a messenger to summon acnologia and the acnologia he left in his place. [64] when the magic hit him, he is turned to the world of the living. [68]

after passing out, natsu is visited by wendy and seems to speak to her. the rest of the fairy tail members meet at the beach. acnologia comments that the dragon is dead, stating that the dragon was his enemy, but one of the only ones who knew how to control it. [64] natsu then asks acnologia if he is coming with him, and tells him that if they flee together, then he can destroy the dragon for good. acnologia counters that even if he saves the dragon, that will mean that natsu will become his enemy.
later, the dragon visits natsu’s bedchamber in the guildhall, revealing that he has been working on restoring the airship. he reveals that, on a previous visit, he had been fed by natsu, whose pixie form was much more delicious than zeref had believed; this also acts as a precursor for their upcoming battle, as zeref is testing natsu’s limits. [92] however, zeref finds that this latest visit by the dragon is an unbearable experience, for which he expresses his anger to natsu, who is still in his pixie form. [93] natsu proceeds to speak to the dragon directly, and informs him that zeref was a proud man who wished his death; the latter reveals that he had used his powers to make it all happen, and that he had planned on breaking natsu’s spirit speedlass into pieces to quench it. [94] in response, natsu not only refuses to kill him, but promises to protect zeref from himself and the dragon, while also promising to defeat zeref in the coming battle. [95]