Heliodent Ds Service Manual BETTER

Heliodent Ds Service Manual BETTER


Heliodent Ds Service Manual

the high-quality image makes it very convenient to detect lesions on periodontal tissues. it is ideal for the diagnosis of deep caries and fissuring of the enamel in all positions. diagnostic imaging includes panoramic imaging and periapical imaging in root canal cases.

with 10-fold digital image quality of the standard heliodent-m unit, the image intensifier, and the ccd detector for automatic image quality setting, the heliodent plus significantly improves the image quality and work range. it will also provide the dentist with an additional financial benefit.

the state-of-the-art, high-speed digital detector of the heliodent plus allows the dentist to perform its numerous functions without retouching the images as in conventional radiography. it helps to substantially improve the precision of dental diagnosis.

the heliodent plus is easy to operate as a function of existing electrophotographic technology. it is entirely modular, with a drive system and exchangeable heads. all images are stored in a drive instead of on film.

the heliodent plus is a new generation intraoral x-ray unit that maintains the good image quality of the popular heliodent-m unit that has already been available for years. it is also ideally suited to the requirements of the dental specialties.

experience the world’s most reliable intraoral digital x-ray system! siemens offers heliodent plus with film/sensor and digital intraoral sensor options. both systems are integrated with in-line monitor and image processing. plus you can still take advantage of the additional features of the heliodent xg and heliodent xe x-ray systems, such as guided image mode and the dental emulator.

the heliodent ds is a revolutionary upgrade to the original heliodent. its fast set-up is unmatched by any other intraoral x-ray unit. and its dental x-ray system cabinet has a 23.2 cm (9 ft) wide, 50 cm (16 feet) long, and 20 cm (7 ft) high footprint, making it easier to fit into most dental offices.
the heliodent ds is the next evolution of the heliodent, with important changes including a two-times faster set up, use of solidstate detectors, and a compact design. it has all the advanced features of the acclaimed heliodent and adds a host of new features to offer you the finest quality and reliability you have ever experienced. and like the heliodent, it is made in germany.
when you have modern, standard def closed captioning, it’s easy to learn how to use the feature. open caption is available as well. you select a closed caption language from a list that appears on the control panel. the screen also shows the caption symbol in various languages.
with a heavy duty, industrial-strength mounting system and a sleek, classic design, the heliodent ds is a revelation in dental imaging. whether you are a regular user or a first time install, it offers the reliability and stability of an industrial-strength machine that can easily and quickly be moved from one location to another.
the heliodent ds is designed for exceptional stability. its modular positioning system allows it to be moved effortlessly in and out of the sterilization chamber as required. this outstanding stability is supplemented by the ergonomic and comfortable design.
the heliodent plus is ideal for an extensive range of applications in orthodontics and restorative dentistry, as well as for imaging in general dentistry. it works with panoramic, bitewing, and periapical radiography. the basic system without image intensifier detects 2070 microseconds in all settings.