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HD Stamp Organizer PC/Windows

Organize your stamps!
HD Stamp Organizer is a simple to use Database that keeps all the important data organized. Create and maintain your own database and easily manage your stamp collection.
HD Stamp Organizer will help you:
• catalog your stamps
• track and manage your collection
• maintain your inventory
• organize stamps and even share it with your friends
• create a stamp collection database
• keep track of any item you might be interested in
HD Stamp Organizer Overview:
• 2-1/2 year software support
• data import from NCB and Alphabets
• 12 languages supported
• global and international prices
• various toolbars, icons and logos
• drag & drop and sort stamps
• generate PDF reports
• 10 stamps to enter information for free
• turn photos into stamps
• track stamps with a comment
• create a stamp album
• keep track of your personal collection
• manage your post office
• share your collection with friends
• print pictures of stamps
HD Stamp Organizer Instructions:
• simple to use interface
• customize your stamps and their characteristics
• create a database and import your stamps in less than 10 minutes
• use 12 languages
• set the price of your stamps
• start with free stamps
• keep track of any item you might be interested in
• create your own stamp collection
• generate PDF reports
• organize your stamps using your own database
• share your collection with friends
• manage your post office
• upload and keep your collection on your computer
• print pictures of stamps
• add stamps to your collection
• create albums and track stamps
• create lists of stamps
• open and close stamp albums
• import and export stamps in alphabetical order
• create new records
• edit records
• delete records
• search for stamps
• export and import records
• sort and sort the database
• sort stamps in a collection
• sort stamps in a record
• manage your stamps using a simple interface
• track stamps with a comment
• view the history of the database
• delete stamps from a collection
• use 12 languages
• add pictures to stamps
• customize your stamps and their characteristics
• import pictures into a stamp
• turn pictures into stamps
• manage your stamps using a simple interface
• use 12 languages
• add stamps to your collection
• set the price of your stamps
• start with free stamps
• keep track of any item

HD Stamp Organizer Crack + With Keygen [Updated] 2022

Manage and catalog your stamps
Help to organize your collection. Use the extensive search feature to find what you’re looking for.
See a list of stamps in the order you want them to be sorted.
Search for any information about the stamp including perforation, face value, country of origin, and more.
View details of any stamp: see pictures, and read key information like country, issue date, and sell price.
You can add stamps to your collection, find them in your collection, view details, and even buy them.
You can use the editor to change information in any record, including pictures, condition, and so on.
You can use the auto-fill feature to assign information automatically to your stamps.
You can attach up to four pictures to any stamp.

What’s new in version 2.6.3:

• Added a search feature to the templates list.
• Added an option to the search function that allows you to search for keywords within each field.
• Fixed a small issue in the search function that caused incorrect results to be displayed.
• Fixed a bug in the Add group dialog that allowed you to add more groups than available space in the group box.
• Fixed a bug in the Add entry function that caused incorrect information to be added to the contact list.
• Fixed a bug in the Excel export function that caused the output to contain invalid values.
• Fixed a bug in the Excel output that caused blank rows to be included in the output.
• Fixed a bug in the Excel output that caused the sort order to be reversed in some cases.

The request for a PDF export function has been approved. So now you can not only export records to CSV files but also to PDF documents. To see the information exported to a PDF document, please change your view in the Save PDF Files tab to Pdf.


After purchasing HD Stamp Organizer Crack For Windows, you will be able to download your software in 3 formats:

*MSW (main archive for the software): 600Mb, 60Mb, 25Mb, 15Mb
*ISO (main archive for the updates): 300Mb
*IMG (main archive for the updates): 5Mb


After purchasing HD Stamp Organizer, you will be able to download your software in 3 formats:

*MSW (main archive for

HD Stamp Organizer Free

HD Stamp Organizer is a high-end, easy-to-use philatelic database that is suitable for both beginners and advanced collectors.
It is designed specifically to track all the stamps in your collection and capture all information about each one.
It is capable of cataloguing items according to the type of category they belong to and to assign them attributes and properties that you choose, such as purchase date, face value, country of origin, condition, sell price, perforation, gum and so on.
It can also be used to create a PDF file that includes all the details about the items in your inventory.
As a bonus, the software also provides an import function that can be used to upload a text file that contains all the information about your stamps into the database.
HD Stamp Organizer provides you with a built-in checklist that can be used to perform a detailed check of all the stamps you have in your collection.
The checklist can be used to help you to complete your inventory and can be saved as a template.
Thanks to its design, you can quickly access the item checklists by using the ‘Quick-View’ and ‘Full-View’ buttons.
The software also allows you to export the item checklists to a PDF file that can be saved on your hard drive and shared with others.
With HD Stamp Organizer you can keep track of the condition of your stamps, which is essential to any philatelist, as they are known to lose value over time.
The software’s reporting capabilities include the number of items of each type, their area of collection and their total value.
It will also provide you with a summary of the checklists of each category you’ve created.
HD Stamp Organizer also has a number of built-in templates that can be used to create and customize your own checklists.
These templates can be quickly created by entering the stamps you wish to check in the fields provided.
The software’s results are displayed as a table, which includes the item types in which you’ve selected to search for, as well as the total value of the stamps you’ve chosen to check.
And the best thing is, if you have a large number of stamps to search for, the software will display a list that allows you to easily scroll through your collection.
The software also has a nice export function that can be used to print or export the results to PDF, Excel or

What’s New In?

Automatically keep an unlimited number of stamps organized.
Create and maintain databases of stamps, including details such as face value, cost, issue date, purchase date and condition.
Organize stamps alphabetically and search using the built-in search function.
Save up to five pictures for each stamp.
Editing functions include auto-formatting and stamp book attachment.
Database fields can be customized.
Export and import of databases.
Options to make stamp data less extensive.




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Processor: Pentium 4 600MHz or higher
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Hard Disk: 800 MB of free space
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