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The game Golden Moon is an old school 3D exploration game about finding treasure.
Players take on the role of a member of a archaeological team that have discovered a remote tomb in the desert.
The game Golden Moon has a sprawling, rich world ripe with danger and adventure waiting to be discovered.
The game Golden Moon contains an adventure system with a unique degree of freedom.
Players can decide how to approach the game, how to interact with others and how to solve the various puzzles in the game.
Your first task is to explore the tomb, turning on the cameras and disabling whatever robotic guardians that might be guarding the tomb.
This is a difficult task for the first couple of days because you have no real idea what dangers lurk in the tomb.
Explore the tomb and find the first object of interest, which will unlock other features of the game.
Your only guide will be a map and the rough descriptions you can find in random books.
During your adventure you will encounter obstacles that will block your progress and change the way you approach a puzzle.
Helpful notes:
– When completing a puzzle, check the hint system to gain a solution.
– When solving a puzzle you can often see other potential solutions.
– In order to progress you must use all of the tools available and complete some of the puzzles.
– As your mood changes, you will also gain the ability to see better or worse solutions.
– There are three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard).
– The challenges in the game will grow in difficulty as the game progresses.
– When something goes wrong, you can always ask for help from others in the team.
– You can also talk to yourself in your head as you progress in the game.
– During the game you can see your own countdown timer in the bottom left corner of the screen.
– You can also see the chronicles of your fellow explorers.
– Your adventure is like a story.
– You can always save your progress.
– You can always resume your progress from your last save point.
System Requirements
To download Golden Moon you need to download the Absolute Games client and point the downloads directory to the game folder.

Golden Moon is a 3D adventure game where you are searching for treasure.
During the game you are a geologist who was sent by the country government to search for mineral deposits in a certain area.
The project is in its opening stage when a group of archaeologists discover an ancient tomb


Features Key:

  • Crafting: upgrade the traditions of crafting to gain more bonuses, add new options, recipes or changes to other bonuses.
  • Thieves: assign a thief to keep track of the people you currently have in your dog’s pack. Can steal a pack’s supplies.
  • Damage: spend extra dogs to inflate the amount of damage done per team. (Only works with damage variants)
  • Farms: spend extra dogs to have farming operations spawn in the game. (Heavy and light)
  • Race: use prestige points to automatically gain the attributes of another race.
  • Reworking: either reduce the amount of dog needed to craft its reward, or increase its maximum reward rewards.
  • Problems: watch out for problems that require extra dogs to get to.
  • Restock: use prestige points to automatically have a particular items spawn in your dog’s pack at a faster rate.
  • Saints: possess someone and have them perform ritual. Can affect up to 5 people at the same time.
  • Grand Attrition Strategy:

    • Level – Grand Attrition requires massive efforts and extra dogs.
    • The strategies required change depending on the difficulty you are using.
    • The low difficulty is focused on not getting beaten and winning, this allows you to concentrate on your effectiveness.
    • The high difficulty is aimed on losing, it makes everything a vital need.

    Grand Attrition Strategy Variants:

    • ‘‘Easy’ level: difficult, but definitely doable.
    • ‘‘Medium’ level: moderate
    • ‘‘Hard’ level: a challenge. Not the impossible one.

    Grand Attrition High Difficulty

    • Tyrants – the difficulty increases after each level. The prestige bonus for the difficulty increase is 1 dog.
    • The supplies are stacked between


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      In this Action-RPG, you will be the lone wolf, the one who is willing to fight the monsters to defend Earth.
      You will embody a mythical creature such as the Dragon Knight, the Samurai with the Power of Green and the Owl Ninja!
      Enemy Destroyers will pose as food and other obstacles and you will be forced to fight against enemies to be able to reach them and survive.
      In Solo mode, you can choose between 10 different classes, each with their own unique mix of fighting and crafting skills.
      There is also a 4 player online mode, allowing you to play against each other or people from around the world.
      This game is free to download, play and have some fun!

      Entertaining Gameplay
      A true Action-RPG, Fight to survive the odds and defeat the monsters invading the Earth.
      Choose your class and attack in solo mode to give more punch to your fights. In multiplayer mode, battle against your friends.
      Multiplayer over the internet
      Play against your friends or other players from around the world.
      Solo Mode.
      Fight against a dragon who is trying to destroy the Earth or the Samurai who needs to find the secrets to power up his sword.
      4 different classes, 10 possible characters.
      If you like to play games and love fantasy in any way, then check out what makes this game unique.
      More than 20 devastating moves with a variety of effects and combinations.
      -Level system that allows you to improve your skills and unlock stronger monsters.
      -Speed of combat. Battle while dodging the enemy’s attacks.
      —Textures, AI and special effects are based on the graphics of the Playstation 1 and Playstation 2.
      -Original Soundtrack.
      -Story Told in a comic style.
      -As you evolve, you are rewarded by collecting power ups.
      -Integrated Erasing Gameplay.
      -Display your Combat Energy.
      -Show your enemies the best part of your arsenal.
      -Cycles’ animations depending on the action.
      -Short cut scenes.
      -No dialogues.
      Download, play and enjoy.

      For the first time in history, it’s time for men to grow up and fight for themselves; for mankind to become a new species of inter-species.
      The game takes place in a near future where the human race has evolved into a more aggressive, powerful species.
      You play as the leader of the last surviving men.
      Rescue kidnapped women to keep them away


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      After being stranded on a strange planet, you must find a way back home. Traveling by foot is the only option available, as no other vehicles have survived the impact. So with nothing but a trusty hammer, your only defense is to build a home that will protect you from alien invaders, other survivors and whatever natural disasters you encounter along the way.Game Play Zolaris

      In Zolaris, youre stranded on an island of savage animals, and you have to protect yourself from their attacks. Build walls to protect yourself, and build weapons to get a tactical advantage over your enemies.Gameplay Zolaris

      Get ready to run, jump and smash your way into action, as you try to survive the wild jungles of this mysterious island. The game is broken up into three episodes, each of which will test your skills as you progress. The first episode has you picking up your guns and tools in order to escape, the second episode has you making sure you get enough food to survive, and the third episode has you having to survive long enough to find some other survivors.Get ready for a true test of your survival skills.Gameplay Zombie Panic

      Build a small shelter to survive your first night in Zombie Panic!Survival has you defending your camp against the invading zombie hordes. Use the components you find in the jungle to build a sturdy shelter in order to survive.While doing so, youll have to keep an eye on the growing horde of zombies in the distance. Youll be looking for good building materials, such as bamboo and tin cans, and you have to be prepared to handle a wide variety of threats.

      Enter the reality of the zombie apocalypse with a vengeance! Zombies that have been infected with the zombie virus attack you from all sides, and you have to defend yourself and try to make it to the end of the level without being eaten alive.Gameplay Urban Chase

      Urban Chase is a game where youre faced with driving a train into a horde of zombies. If you manage to survive, you can move on to the next level! The original was a level design challenge for the creators to design levels in a simple format for the gameplay. Building Urban Chase is a new design challenge in our own zombie-apocalypse-survival-game series.Gameplay Nightmare Forest

      Go underground in the subterranean den of horrors known as Nightmare Forest. With limited supplies, you must build a base, mine for resources, and fend off the creatures that lurk in the darkness. Take


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