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Original composer and lyricist:
anime, fiction, game, lyrics, Saori Koga
game, producer, anime, Hakuko Tomioka
development: Hiroko Iwase
sound design: Yuya Sato
Lyric: Minae Kusakawa
Music: Hiroto Katou
About The Game How to Sing to Open Your Heart – Lyrics
There is no path of the imagination
There is no daydreaming in the real world
The path of connecting the two
You’re here, because it is already here
The path of combining
And the path of the sky is just the fabric of our dreams
It lies in this thread, that only connects you
Here the journey of the soul is beginning
The heart that wishes for, is a never ending dream
A path that the soul
Can pass through until it becomes
My whole heart, you know,
My whole heart, you know,
My whole heart, you know,
Minae Kusakawa
My whole heart
My whole heart
Minae Kusakawa
This is its path in the real world
[English translation: ‘But now, live in the moment with the aid of the World Editor]
Our truth is not here
It is as we are
Both are connected with just a thread
If we get lost from that thread
and try to connect to the path
We just pass through it
Like the sky
And that thread is called the path of life
It is not a thing that you can control
Life is an ordinary thing
There is nothing that is not ordinary
We are ordinary
But we cannot be separated
If you think of this as a tool, you will be
Move through the path of life of this world
The barrier of the real world
It hides in that thread
A path that connects both to the field of our dreams
It lies in this thread
That only connects you
Here the journey of the soul is beginning
The heart that wishes for, is a never ending dream
Here the journey of the soul is beginning
The heart that wishes for, is a never ending dream
You are here, because it is already here
The path of connecting the two
You’re here, because it is already here
The path of connecting the two
You’re here, because it is already here
[English translation: ‘


Hall Infinite Features Key:

  • Key Features:
  • Neo-Traditional, Neo-Realistic Visual display, fast loading and motion smooth.
  • Realistic and sufficient hit sounds.
  • Team Attack, Formation attack and Defensive Defence display.
  • Customizable: you can change the oil, tyres, rims and guards for traditional cars. You can also design the exterior paint colors, choose racing suit, choose seat and seat footrest.
  • Auto and Manual changing mode, selecting on and off position.
  • You can change button visual styles, and replace the default sound options with your own with our new sound design and automatic sound switch feature.
  • Sound Effects in the game: car rolling, tyre squeal, air bag deployment.
  • Full-game tutorial with expert commentary that also includes practice races and bonus content.
  • 8 game scenarios from Paris to Beijing.
  • Online gameplay: shared gameplay environments, race with competitors around the world.
  • Unlock all track layouts and unlockable cars.


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Die as fast as you can or stay alive and be the last one standing as you try to survive in Iron Madness.
Journey through 12 missions with different objectives and game modes, win matches against opposing players in new venues and battle AI in all game modes in the Iron Madness single player campaign.
Experience fast-paced multiplayer matches where you race against 4 other players in 8 vs 8 car combat.
Come face-to-face with each of the 14 unique playable cars and choose your favorite.
Customize your car with powerful weapons, machine guns, grenades and much more to give yourself an advantage. With many different gameplay modes you can play to your preference from car combat, deathmatch, demolition, races and more.
All game modes are played on 8 different maps, with each map featuring a wide variety of terrain and gimmicks.
The campaign features multiple different types of maps. From straight lines to winding roads, snow hills, and many other types of exciting maps.
Each map has multiple paths and ways to navigate through the gameplay, as well as multiple entrances, exits, and whole new routes to explore as you find your way to victory.
All 14 different vehicles are real, licensed cars. Each one of them has a unique feel and handling and they all support a wide variety of weapons.
Cars range from classic muscle cars, like the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and the Dodge Challenger R/T, to super cars, like the Lotus Cytherb and the Nissan GTR.
The graphics are nice, but they’re not amazing. They are detailed and smooth, but a little dated. There’s not a lot of visuals, but it’s a small price to pay for the incredible gameplay.
If the vehicles look a little bit too innocent, don’t worry, this game’s not afraid to get straight up bloody. With 10 different weapons you’ll find plenty of ways to blow your friends up.
Want to find out just how much damage you can do in a vehicle? Get behind the wheel and turn your car into a human blender.
Different controls such as tilt control, swivel control, and d-pad control support partial gamepad support in multiplayer, you can choose which ones you prefer to play with.
Iron Madness supports up to 4 players in a variety of


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Wip E3 Demo:

Use your shape. Your fuel. Your weapons. Your rockets. The choice is yours in ShapeRockets!
Storyline Difficulty Level:
Easy Controls:
Arrow keys to move your shape.
R to shoot your rockets.
Space bar to fire.
Z to deploy your shape.
SHIFT to toggle direction.
SHIFT+ARROW to move your shape.
Down on the d-pad to deploy shape again.
Toggling “toxic” will teleport your shape in front of your enemy.
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​Shape is a developer of “bullet time engine” games, which are games that require you to point and click to shoot enemies. They have many clones of this game under different names and they have come to amaze us with some of their unique clones.

Firecracker Explosion Demo. L.O.D. (Low Orbit Death) is a concept of indie game developer.
Firecracker Explosion Demo. Play this 3D horror game. You need to gather all coolpowers to defeat monsters in a night sky.

GAME: L.O.D. (Low Orbit Death)
PLATFORM: PC / Mac / Linux
Today I’m going to share the gameplay for L.O.D. Game, a dark and creepy level-based puzzle game that will give you nightmares.
L.O.D Game (Low Orbit Death) is a game developed by Level2Game and will debut on the indiegame platform itch.io to share with the world.
Developing the game takes place on the backbone of retro-pixel art, and is a great gift for anyone who enjoys horror and puzzles.
First of all, we would like to make clear that the game is experimental. It means that we


What’s new in Hall Infinite:

is the spiritual successor of Iron Galaxy’s classic game, Ninja Reflex: Ultimate Edition. In the game that goes back to the 1990’s, you must protect the last Ninja Clan from numerous terrorist attacks!

Mega Man X Legacy Collection is a straight port of Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. It includes Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 3, with new stage music, a completely reworked gameplay, and an X-Bee peripheral to play the game when connected via HDMI.

Get Luggage Case 3D is an excellent game developed by Global Creative Studio, a team led by GAMESIANANDY. Get Luggage Case 3D comes with a minimalistic design, as most of the UI is fully customizable.

When Marcus goes to work as a freelance Photojournalist; his life is immediately put to the test when he discovers that a mysterious cave complex exists under an old factory that has allegedly been abandoned for decades. He is first on the scene to capture the images of a tragic tragedy; but the fallout from this event is more terrifying and deadly than Marcus could ever have imagined.

Years ago in 1986, the Cardinals joined forces with the legendary Kaspar to prevent the Mysterians’ launch of the Cyber Dynamo, a colossal super weapon that would have rendered the entire nation – and maybe the world – an uncontrolled inferno. Now for the first time the bottom-tier on-field roster is here… on mobile. Play year-by-year and get ready for brand-new mobile challenges as the NFLPA dynasty begins again. Pre-register for an all-new, completely free experience that’s ad-free for all new players, thanks to a partnership with Android Authority.

Sudden Attack and Deep Sea Battle are two arcade RTS games inspired from the classic etudes of the genre called Heian Wars. Both games feature well written storyline with traditional and authentic enigmas throughout, a balanced playability, neat GUI and solid soundtracks.

]]> Elder Scrolls Online: Power of Dagon and Dawnstar update


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What’s up Guys?
So this is Where the journey begins.
A Teeun old boy goes in search of his missing grandfather.
On the way of his journey,
he discovers more secrets and surprises.
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What is BLUBOY?
The game will be played on the 1st person perspective.
You will venture into many environments such as: Mysterious Jungle, pirate ships, Mysterious Castle, underwater world and more.
You are going to explore the environment, solve puzzles, create traps and find many items such as keys, weapons, artifacts, etc.
Here are some items you can find and use to survive:
You can use


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    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or Windows 10
    Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later
    Dual-Core Intel Core i5, i7, or AMD Quad Core Processor
    8 GB RAM
    3 GB GPU
    2 GB VRAM
    Additional Notes:
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Quad Core Intel Processor
    3 GB VRAM


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