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■ Major improvements,
■ creation wizard,
■ screen captures
Gravitorium is a small demo application. It runs on the Windows platform only. It is distributed as a free trial version.
System Requirements:
■ Windows
■ DirectX 9
■ (The trial version of Gravitorium works with DirectX 7)
How to Get Gravitorium Pro:

Online demos:
(Online demo of the release candidate.)

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New areas:
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With Gravitorium Pro Cracked Version you can create virtual
Like an astronomer, you can study an exoplanet with
a telescope. You can track the movement of a
comet with an observatory. You can even test your
gravitational calculations.
Gravitorium Pro Crack Free Download includes a large library of planets.
You can add your own planets or add your own
orbits to existing planets.
You can change gravity and radius at will. For example,
you can change a planet’s gravity to 0.1g (one
gigogal) or a planet’s gravity to 1000g (one
You can change the mass of a planet. For example,
you can change a planet’s mass to a tenth of its
initial mass or a hundred times its initial mass.
You can even change gravity to 0.01% or 100%.
You can increase or decrease the mass of a
planet, decrease its mass by a factor of ten or
reduce its mass by a factor of ten billion.
Just like an astronomer, you can modify the
orbit of a planet. In fact, you can create an
orbit that is circular, elliptical or parabolic.
There is a huge range of choices when it comes
to modifying the orbits of planets.
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Gravitorium is a solar system simulator that lets you fly a comet through a black hole, a planet through a star, planets through a solar system, planets around a star, or even rotate a planet (sun in your backyard).
– Launch an object into your solar system, fly it to any point in the universe, or time travel to any time.
– Use your own objects from the in-built object library (also includes an inertial engine), or make your own from scratch.
– Have any object move or rotate as a function of time, or even spin if you’ve got a gyroscope.
– You can even use your phone as a handheld gravitron!
– Import and export your own star catalogues from Celestia.
– Randomise the positions of objects at the beginning of each game to give your solar system a different feel.
– Mouse acceleration to help you fly, or a keypad to play at a more relaxed pace.
– Build and design your own solar systems, and export them to SD cards.
– High contrast colours to make it easier to see details.
– Downloadable colour maps for a custom look.
– Screen captures of your game play for a unique high resolution format.
– An option to toggle the display of the comet, sun, planets, and your location in the universe.
– Haptic feedback.
– An object library with lots of planets, comets, stars, black holes, and our own inertial engine.
– An inertial engine in the object library that lets objects and asteroids move in orbit around a planet, or even orbit the sun (the sun moves around the earth in this case).
– Save and load your games.
– You can have multiple games running at the same time.
– Several different scene types to choose from.
– Easy drop in replacement of the existing file with no change to game play.
– Export the score to SD card.
– Export/import your custom star catalogues from Celestia.
– Import the existing Sculptorium interface for an easy way to get Gravitorium started.
– Adjust all of the settings for your desired game play.
– A comprehensive help document.
■ Bug fixes.
■ New GUI elements for an easier interface.
■ Screen captures.
■ New objects from Inverse Planets.
■ New Help

What’s New In Gravitorium Pro?

System Requirements For Gravitorium Pro:

– Dual-Core CPU or faster
– 2 GB RAM (recommended)
– Geforce 9800 or ATI X1600 or higher
– DirectX 9.0c compatible video card or higher
– Microsoft Windows 7 (x86) or higher.
– Internet Explorer 8 or higher.
– A PowerDVD player is required to play Blu-ray discs.
– You need a drive with at least 3x (or higher) the size of the disc you will play.
– If