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Game Over Tamil Dubbed Movie

Kalamma helps Swapna with practical issues, but cannot help with the locked doors or the CCTV in the house, or the recurring phantom presence in the flat above. A drunken night out with her boyfriend, her ex-boss, leads to an attempt to physically change her life and subsequently their relationship – its a night of horrors. Later, Tapsee takes up an internship at Sapnas workplace, where she finds out more about her past and her bizarre ways. Without spoiling the narrative, lets just say that things are indeed as bad as they seem. And worse. Then things start happening that Sapna cant explain. Is it the end of her world? Or the beginning? A hapless police officer, a handyman (butler?) and Kalamma – all seem to know more than they should. And Pannu is spectacular – she says it perfectly, the kind of performance you forget to breathe watching – and few can pull off a dark and beautiful character like she does. Add a few more twists and a neatly packed cast and the narrative beats – with a few innovative choices – at the most predictable places, and you have Game Over.

Director Saravanan has made an imperfect first film, but Game Over crisp and dark, its sophistication in execution belies its limited creative voice. It creates a very scary world, and, with a few creaks and groans, it gets very real in a few places. There is a moral standard operating in the narrative too, which Saravanan makes sure to evolve over time. It starts as a little girl falling in love, but ultimately, it turns out to be an empathetic and considered take on the panic of identity theft, social life and the uncertainties of the modern world. Its a smart thriller for the 21st century, and the Tamil version adds a few surprises to the mix. It is still tense drama, with a few obvious answers, a very strong lead performance ( the best two-hander in the director’s oeuvre, at least in my opinion) and a few twists.

The film works best when it tries to surprise us, when it tries to create that shock effect that comes from not knowing what is going to happen. The first 40-45 minutes of the film are excellent, with a number of creepy scenes, such as the murder of the landlord, who has been molesting Kala (you can hear him protesting and then the sound of breaking glass and then the silence of death). Later on though, it moves to more brainy material and there is a handful of scenes that are cleverly executed, but it all ends up being too schematic and too calculated to work. I could have lived with these problems because the director was working with an interesting premise, but it has been brought down by his urge to make it a full blooded horror movie.
The action sequences are handled well, but the crime genre never quite jells. Swapan plays a game designer, who is a little off, with an intellectual bent, but is always arguing that games are more pure and less perverted than the real world. She is at least better than most of the men you meet, although she is not entirely innocent. She finds the goings on in the lives of men menorising, and one night, being terrified by some weird sound, goes out to the garden where she gets brutally attacked by the men in a monstrous fashion. The flashbacks to the past, which are her attempts to connect the dots and figure out what happened to her father, try to rope in people and events from somewhere down the line, but it never really works and the flashback scenes never really have a strong enough reason to exist.
There is a running joke in the film that the world is full of men because women are single and waiting to have sex with each other. For him, this, not as a setting, would have made for the perfect crime movie, but he has fleshed that out in such a compressed manner that it just doesn’t work.