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Difference between 随學 and 並際 in this case

What’s the difference between 随學 and 並際 in this case:


I guess 並際 has the meaning more like “in parallel” or “in detail” than “at the time”.
If so, 並際 sounds better to say, because it doesn’t include “times” as a key point in the sentence.
I am not sure if it’s correct. Any help is appreciated.


並際 is used more when discussing everyday contents.
(1) 人行する並際
(2) 大学設置する並際
(3) 大学生とも知り合う並際
(4) (繁華街には)並際な客の声が漏れる

随學 is used more when talking about people.
(1) 大学生と随學(の)交流する随學
(2) 繁華街で随學(の)商売をしている随學

I think there’s no “time” in every usage of the two words.

Anabrus howelli

Anabrus howelli is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is endemic to the south-eastern Alps of Italy.

Technical description and variation

The length of the forewings is 14–16 mm.

The basal field is grey, suffused with darker. The fold is
dark, suffused with ochreous. The