[FSX P3D P3DV4] Limesim Aerosoft US Cities X – Los Angeles V1.02 Torrent

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[FSX P3D P3DV4] Limesim Aerosoft US Cities X – Los Angeles V1.02 Torrent

The second installment of the LimeSim series of US Cities is packed with some of the most beautiful scenery and features of this fine scenery series. The two cities that are based on the aerial image are Los Angeles and Chicago. The cities are based on the aerial image provided by The Nature Conservancy.

LimeSim have created a beautiful scenery base for FSX and P3D. The cities included in this series include Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Honolulu, Philadelphia and Indianapolis. The cities are based on aerial photography and the first city, Los Angeles, is based on the aerial image provided by The Nature Conservancy.

Los Angeles, the first city of this part of the US Cities collection, is a beautiful winter scenery, based on aerial photos provided by The Nature Conservancy. Beautiful airports and interesting buildings make this city and scenery a very interesting one.

Los Angeles has no night effects as well, so it’s best suitable as a daytime scenery, specially if you are planning to perform your flying routes mainly during the day. This city is based on aerial photography provided by The Nature Conservancy.

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Included are three urban areas including Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Las Vegas. The default scenery is based on a good agreement between the size of the city and the density of the city. To me it looked like you would need a lot of hours in the air to fly through a city like Los Angeles. You may not be a good city pilot to fly a route like this.
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