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Cannot change table design

I am trying to make a database with tables that have the same fields as the students in my school.
I was able to add a table to house all the information for a student but I want to access this information from 2 different tables called ‘class’ and ‘group’ which would result in 1 database design.
Class contains information for schools including the ID, location, and other types of information.
Group contains information for classes (100-200) including the teacher’s ID, grade level, and other types of information.
I have created 3 tables: class, group, and students. I have created a relationship (1-many) between class and students, and a relationship (1-many) between group and students.
I think I need to create a class_group table.
Here’s what I have so far.


It seems like the following should help :
import subprocess
results = []
regex = re.compile(‘/([0-9]+)\s’)
for line in open(‘…\\files\’):
match = regex.match(line)
if match:
results.append((int(, line))

print json.dumps(results, indent=2)

A novel technique for increasing the internal pressurization of hepatic venous blood within the portal region.
Pressurization of the portal venous flow is considered as a cause of portal hypertension in chronic liver disease. Both the magnitude and durability of the effect are not well understood. It has been assumed that the pressure difference exists continuously, yet the dynamics of hepatic venous pressure within the portal vein have not been characterized. Herein we introduce a novel technique to increase the internal pressurization of the portal venous blood within the portal region during liver surgery. The hepatic venous pressure was measured in the portal region while the liver was dissected (portal dissection method). The heparinized catheter was inserted from the external surface of the portal vein into the portal vein through a dissected part of the portal vein. We measured the portal venous flow simultaneously and evaluated the lumen of the portal vein by using the infrared camera. The pressure in the portal vein was measured. Hepatic vein pressure was measured in the common segment of the hepatic vein. Subsequently, portal venous pressure was measured in the normal portal vein of each liver. Hepatic vein pressure was measured before and after portal dissection. The portal vein diameter was measured. The hepatic vein pressure decreased from 12.2±0.9 mmHg to 11.0±1.1 mmHg during portal dissection. The portal venous flow became stagnant, and the volume of the liver was dissected. The portal pressure increased significantly after the portal dissection, from 11.6±0.9 mmHg to 14.4±1.5 mmHg (Pusing System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System