Entry Point Dllregisterserver Not Found Windows 7 64 Bit 💲

Entry Point Dllregisterserver Not Found Windows 7 64 Bit 💲


Entry Point Dllregisterserver Not Found Windows 7 64 Bit

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this is often caused by a file being wrongly registered or not registered. the following files should be registered in the windows registry:

  • microsoft visual j#
  • microsoft visual studio.net
  • visual studio.net 2008
  • visual studio.net 2008 r2
  • visual studio.net 2009
  • visual studio.net 2010
  • visual studio.net 2012
  • visual studio.net 2013
  • visual studio.net 2015
  • visual studio.net 2017

you may want to use the latest version of regsvr32.exe with the latest os (i.e. regsvr32.exe v. from windows 7, v.0 from windows vista and windows xp). if you are using another version of regsvr32.exe you will get the dllregisterserver not found error.

below is a list of all the files you may need to register in the windows registry. it is recommended to open the windows explorer and navigate to hkey_local_machine\software\wow6432node\microsoft\devdiv\vs\servicing\14.0 and register all of them. please refer to the microsoft documentation here.

regsvr32.exe is a command-line utility to register and unregister ole controls, such as dlls and activex controls in the windows registry. regsvr32.exe is installed in the %systemroot%system32 folder in windows xp and later versions of windows.

note on a 64-bit version of windows operating system, there are two versions of the regsvr32.exe file:

thus, to fix entry point not found issue on your computer, we highly recommend downloading reimage plus and run a scan. this will allow you to fully remove all the malware that might have entered your system.
in order to remove any possible malware that can cause this error and to remove the virus if you found it, you should download reimage plus from the link below and then follow the instructions given in the instruction screen.
after the scan is finished, you will be presented with the list of malware found on your computer. you should carefully examine the list and remove only the malicious entries. when you are done, press the remove selected button and the rest of the malware on your computer will be removed as well. 
the scan will begin, and it will take a while to complete. when you are done, you can review the scan results or, if you are inexperienced with the registry editor, you can close it. once the scan is completed, you can open the registry editor to remove the malicious entries that were found.
i took your advice and i ran the fix it tool and it found 90 updates but i said i am fine to fix the problem by downloading & running these updates. then i rebooted the pc and i got the same error again.
what’s that? i thought we had a solution? well, this is a tricky one. i am afraid that you need to reinstall windows again, but we do have a fix for that. in case you want to uninstall/reinstall windows, use a microsoft toolkit to fix the problem quickly.
dll regiser error is one of the most common errors seen on windows. there are many causes of this error that range from the registry to the file system. errors that are caused by the registry can be easily rectified with the help of a powerful registry cleaner. to repair such errors, you can use reimage plus. it is a repair tool for your system. you can download it from the link below: