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Elden Ring was developed by Crestmoon and Alchemist and published by Crestmoon. The game will be released on September 16, 2012.

About Crestmoon
Crestmoon is a Japanese game developer founded in March 2005, which was launched in August of the same year. Crestmoon also develops smart phones under the “Crestmoon Vision” brand.
Crestmoon Vision was founded in October 2008 and is used to develop mobile games exclusively for mobile phones.
A five-person team oversees Crestmoon Vision’s work. In Crestmoon’s first year, more than ten titles were released. As of April 2011, the team has developed over 60 titles. Crestmoon Vision’s current projects include the fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Complete freedom in customizing your looks and equipment, from the shape of your face to the coloring and properties of your equipment and clothing
  • Two distinct online environments, in which you play with other players and progress simultaneously
  • Authentic, lore-driven storylines in addition to the collection of missions in the main adventure
  • A vast open world with plenty of unknown locations to discover
  • A rich and deep battle system in which you integrate and strategically enhance your equipment
  • A board game-like user interface that emphasizes the beauty and effectiveness of the game
  • 【Story】

    When a great calamity shakes the Earth, the lands between the human and Dwarven countries are exposed. Prosthetics, magic, and elemental spirits are on the brink of dominance. What is this strange thing called Urmei that has chosen this fragile time to threaten the balance of the world? What meaning is there in the land of fire and water, home of the battle with Urmei? Search the lands between the Dwarven kingdom and the human kingdom to restore the world’s peace. Pleasant to the eye and challenging to the heart, the adventure waits to reveal itself to you.


    From no-nonsense warriors, to insightful wizards, to beautiful women, to their generals…this is a story full of fantastic personalities. In addition to the trappings of the story, you can explore the world and acquire powerful weapons and armor as you progress.

    The main character is a bastard adopted by the Dwarven village of Venga that desires power. During this journey, he should find the humanity that he never knew he had.

    The explorer with an ever-wandering heart is a dwarf adopted by the humans of Ol’n in the north, and weathered from living in the cold. Since childhood, he has only ever wanted to see the far away human lands that he was told so many tales of. One day, he set off to bring back a helm of legendary status for


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    The New Fantasy Action RPG. is a multiplayer card game that is really quite similar to a simple. You put your cards into the different enemy and ally faces. The one that gets the most cards wins the battle. There are some differences with this game. You can’t summon attacks or heal the allies you join. You can’t reroll the cards if you draw a card that you don’t want. In this case you can only take the normal 6 turns. The start of the game is based on the hand you draw at the beginning of your turn. You do not draw any cards while the others are active. The most important thing for you to understand is that you can win at multiple levels. For example, you can win with a minimum of attacks, or you can win by simply having fewer attacks than the other player has.

    The gameplay of the card game is a simple one. You sit down, and start to play the game. This is something that you should expect from a game like this. The gameplay, of course, does have some rules. For example, you do not have to play around an enemy. It doesn’t matter if you draw your own cards or not. It really just comes down to who draws the most cards. You cannot, however, draw a card that you cannot attack with. If you pull the maximum card, you will be defeated, as you have to attack with the cards that you draw.

    Some of the different cards that you can draw include healing, status, combat, instant attack, and summoning. You can also simply attack without a card. If you choose to not attack, the hand is discarded, but all the previous cards you drew remain. Once you have the most cards in your hand, you are eliminated. The winner is the player with the most cards when all the cards are gone.

    The gameplay is simple, but it can get complex if you get into the story mode. The story mode is where you can play the game. One of the more difficult parts of the gameplay, with the cards, is that the hand is always drawn twice. The last time the hand is drawn is also known as the current hand. When you finish playing, it returns to the last hand. Then you get a new hand from the beginning. This is something that many people do not realize about the game.

    If you are a collector of games, you may find some of these cards to be interesting. There is also some neat art on the cards


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    RISE. Elden characters originally lived in the Lands Between, as they were blessed by the gods of the Elder Gods. However, due to the nation-wide disaster in which even the Gods themselves lost their strength, the Elden were scattered across the entire world. The Elden Elves were left to perish in the wilderness. All the Elves that escaped from them were cast out into the Lands Between, and the Elves who remained on the Earth were dominated by other races.

    The Elves who survived the destruction of their country, hiding their own power, could be easily defeated by humans. Only a few became independent and led a wandering life far from humankind. As the Elves came to perceive humankind as their enemy, the Elden Elves became far more attached to the Lands Between.

    Tarnished, a young Elf, was the third child of the last remaining Elves who broke the world. When his two brothers were killed in a battle, Tarnished was left alone in the wilderness with his shadowless face. Tarnished headed towards the Lands Between after hearing the voice of the gods. He wished to find out who the true gods were that the Elves thought were demonic and slay them.

    Tarnished slowly gained strength, and in the process, he gained a power that had not been given to Elves in long years. He encountered old monsters that called him master, and as his strength increased, he found that the true gods were capable of fighting him.

    After the monsters were defeated, the three old gods appeared before Tarnished. The three spoke of something that was destined to happen, a “Fantasy Action RPG” game that was supposed to be released in the Lands Between.

    “Hajai! I thought it was a hoax when I first heard it. But, the more I learned about it, the more I thought that it wasn’t a hoax. My brother told me about it, and I thought it seemed a bit strange. When I heard about it and received your letter, I immediately decided that I wanted to participate.”
    “The game has never been released, but the gods believe that it should be. It seems as though the gods are serious about this. If they say this about it, then we should make it happen.”

    “Those who have been saved by the Gods will become powerful heroes. Not only that, but the characters, the places, and the atmosphere of the game all have an air of fantasy that will make you feel as if you


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The name of the game is Here There Be Monsters! As in real life, in this fantasy world you’ll find whatever you want! Monster raidings, brawls, and all sorts of other lethal encounters await you as you explore a gigantic world lit with the glory of rainbow neon.

    Explore the vast Lands Between with a small band of adventurers! Join them on their journey while you fight monsters using a wide variety of gears to defeat the enemies that threaten you all the time.

    Find, collect, and equip the various gear for the adventure. Fight using your gear to eliminate the monsters that are chasing after you!

    There are constant monsters that chase you! They give you bad encounters that are extremely difficult to survive. Try to survive as long as possible until you can find a safe place to rest so that you can survive and escape the frightening situation.

    In addition to adventure gameplay, the game also features an RPG system where you can perform various actions to strengthen your character’s growth.

    In this fantasy world, there are rich landscapes with a wide variety of various NPCs.

    You can make friends with NPC characters while you do various jobs. Earn experience by helping other people who are in trouble. An NPC’s strength increases based on the number of people that he will be able to help.

    Using your experience you can level up and try to pick up special items, stats, and skills.

    You have a variety of ways to earn money. You can engage in various types of activities such as monster raiding, brute downs, faction wars, and arena battles to earn money.

    You can equip your characters with gear that makes them stronger. You’ll have the ability to create strong characters who are able to overcome anything.

    Make friends with other people while playing the game. A huge sandbox RPG with high-quality adventure elements awaits you! In order to survive be sure to fight against the monsters who are looking for you.

    ■ Features

    • Live action shooting combat system
    Since the shooting character is a party of two, it is easy to switch between two characters. The “Drop” button is used to drop weapons. Use this to change the set formation or to equip new weapons.
    *We do not support Special effects, Advanced filters and Complex Japanese.

    • A variety of classes and enemies
    • Appear as a white light when fighting an enemy
    • A powerful appearance and higher attack do


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