Download ~REPACK~ Novel Karya Fredy S 34

Download ~REPACK~ Novel Karya Fredy S 34

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Download Novel Karya Fredy S 34

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Looking for a way to list answers to a question, including the author of that question

I just posted a question, and I’d like to thank the user who posted the answer.
I currently have the ability to post an answer to the question, but I don’t see any way to thank the author of the question as well.
Here are a few reasons I’d like to do this:

Users can accept answers as the solution they prefer to use. Since my employer does not provide a standard development environment, I can’t simply assume that all users will use the same method, so I must provide a different method for different users, as there is no way to state this when providing my own answer.
Providing this information is useful for reasons other than the fact that I want to thank the user. I could use my question to search for other answers, or I could use this information to know what user I should be providing support to in the future.

So, does anyone know of a way to do this?


You can always check the “Also posted by” section in the revision history to see who answered your question.


Look to the right. It should show a link to your own answer which would “also show” the original author. But that is a bit more tricky and it may not always work that way.


Yes, there’s a way, and you can thank the user directly after the question is completed. There are currently 3 ways I know of to do this:

By gaining enough reputation to give you access to the same functionality as full-fledged users, check the privileges tab at the top of any page with an answer.

If you find the user on the website (by searching for their name), you can access the user profile.

If you have enough reputation, you can find the user on the site (by searching for their name) and you can follow them, which will give you access to the user profile.

There are plenty of third-party apps that do the same thing, like WhoOpened.

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