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Download Ebook Kapita Selekta Kedokteran VERIFIED 📥

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Download Ebook Kapita Selekta Kedokteran

download ebook kapita selekta kedokteran
download ebook kapita selekta kedokteranA dominant amino acid substitution at the second transmembrane segment of the melibiose transporter melibiose permease of Bacillus subtilis.
The melibiose transporter melibiose permease (MelB), from Bacillus subtilis (BS), is a homohexameric transporter and belongs to the Major Facilitator Superfamily (MSF). It has 11 putative transmembrane segments (TMSs), with TMS 1 being both the N-terminal and C-terminal ends of the protein. In this work, mutations of the melB gene were studied to identify and characterize residues in the melB protein. We have focused on seven mutations located in TMS 2 and some in TMS 9. Previous reports have suggested that TMSs 2 and 9 are involved in determining substrate specificity, which probably involves charge transfer across the membrane. The study was performed with the substitution of glycine by valine or alanine, all of which are non-polar hydrophobic amino acids. Mutant proteins carrying the respective amino acid substitutions were expressed in the wild-type melB background. The steady-state transport rates of glycerol were determined by flux measurements. All mutant proteins displayed significant decreases in melibiose-to-glycerol and melibiose-to-glycerol plus glycerol permeabilities. We found that the substitution of alanine for glycine in TMS 2 resulted in a significant drop in glycerol permeability. Glycine substitution of alanine in TMS 9, however, had no effect on glycerol permeability. We have assigned the melibiose permease function in the B. subtilis to be a symport in which the substrate melibiose and the glycerol are delivered across the membrane together. Our data suggest that glycine in TMS 2 may be involved in binding melibiose, while alanine in TMS 9 may be involved in binding glycerol.1) Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a drug delivery system having a drug-containing case for containing a drug that is coated with an easily deformable and biodegradable film, and more particularly to the method for making such a drug delivery system.
2) Related Art
In recent years, a variety of medical–Y4cl

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