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Clubbed To Death Lola 1996 Subtitles

gerald sheridan
lola, clubbed to death
what a once interesting film this is it has some good ideas about a group of young people who hang out but are all a bit nutty, alcohol is a big deal here for some reason and that leads to some very strange actions and reactions, of course they drink lots too.

t here’s a real introduction to the film on the wikipedia page, thierry vercauteren’s book a decent book as well.

angelos ( efthimios) hadjichristodoulou lola, clubbed to death
this is a fun and enjoyable film, although it does share some of the problems of other such films and is at times a bit farcical but it has much to like about it.

the real strength of the film is its setting, its a really quite beautiful location which is the club the film follows the lives of the people who go there. at times i could see this being a tv series, the characters are really all types but all of them are strange and interesting. the central character is probably the best, he had all the money and power of the others but why? he is a really quite fascinating guy and i found myself quite willing to follow him around as he gets through all kinds of troubles.

the film is its best in the context of its location,

the club is in the first or last half of the film is really quite wonderful and has some great stuff happening there. the chapter on the brothel is really quite good, its one of the only films i know of where, in the context of a brothel it has a lot of interesting stuff going on there, for example one of the girls has lost the baby and has to ask a plumber to fix it for her. it also has a few really good scenes with a chap called max who is a really amusing character and is a big influence on the film.

the central character is sort of sad and lonely at the end and its hard to work out if its because he has had some kind of breakdown or if he has simply lost the will to live but either way it is a very interesting film.

patrick o’connell lola, clubbed to death
this is a film i enjoyed quite a lot, it’s a bit like one of the earliest p├ęttaras movies in that it has a very low budget and a low budget at that, which is great as it makes it feel more real and a bit more raw. the main character is ridiculous and i always hate him, he is a sort of naivte but also a realist, although he’s in denial about it.

there are some great things about the film, the first half is really quite good and well observed, the boxing sequence is really quite funny, the shots of the characters drunk are really quite funny. the main character’s voice is really quite good, really quite comic and he has some great lines.

these ones are tricky, even for english speakers. you need to know the font, size, line spacing, and where it should go on the screen. at times, you will see subtitles superimposed over the picture itself. this would be in the beginning of the film, say, when the language is first spoken. it has to be there, since the subtitles are describing the screen time (these would be the same as those on the previous pages).
the font should be the same as the english script the subtitles are describing. an example of this is the american sign language (a-sl), which has the same symbols as the english sign language. the size should be the same as the english words.
there are two ways to do this – either have the subtitles cut into the picture or overlay the picture with the subtitles. i think that the former is preferable, because it eliminates the distraction of having to watch the subtitles at the same time.
this is a short series of videos that were put together by a documentary filmmaker to teach people how to speak like an argentinean. i like it so far, its like a comic strip of languages, it has plenty of cultural information as well as basic spanish knowledge, which is very useful to a beginner, but this series is not targeted for beginners. it just assumes you know spanish and spanish culture already. it is split up into easy to understand sections though, something that will be useful for you.
i love this series so far. its basically a series of films exploring different cultures from all around the world. this one deals with the hispanic culture in general, but theres so much packed in that your first thought will be that it might be just a bit more advanced than you need, so i guess its perfect for beginners.