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It’s really hard not to like the virtual instruments and effect plugins created by Rob Papen. Though I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who has just started to learn the basics of music production, I consider them ideal for someone who is looking to define their sound. From this point of view, the instruments come off as surprisingly intuitive.
Even when you get used to the programs being somewhat unconventional, they may still take you by surprise in many ways. But to say that I was surprised by the capabilities of BLUE II would be an understatement.
That’s a lot of sounds
Don’t let the name or the color fool you; this isn’t a synth you can use to compose music that makes you “feel blue”. I mean it can be, but it can also be the synth that Satan uses to create music for his troops to march on when they conquer the whole of Existence. The preset that you get to play with when you first load the plugin is proof of that. I admit that I haven’t tested that many super synths, but I honestly didn’t think that such a complex soundscape could be achieved by only one instrument.
Actually, it can be achieved by six powerful oscillators that can generate almost anything: from the classic analog waveforms to those created through additive synthesis, from samples of all kinds to all sorts of sound effects. Papen has incorporated so many methods of synthesis into this one instrument that he even coined the term “cross-fusion synthesis” just provide a proper description.
Plenty of modulation options too
To create the soundscapes that you need for your music or for your sound design projects you can use tools such as filters, waveshapers, envelopes or multi-envelopes, LFOs, a sequencer, an arpeggiator, an XY pad, and up to four effects simultaneously.
In BLUE II, there is no lack of features or presets to explore, and it’s a bit hard to be disappointed by any of them.







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The new member of the BONE family, Blue II comes with four Multi-Effects of its own, plus an extensive array of ten common effects and four synths. Featuring completely new synthesis, arpeggiation, and effects engine, BONE II brings musicians and sound artists a versatile synth with powerful tools to shape, sculpt and create their own unique sounds, and one with powerful yet easy-to-use features to build full-featured plugins with a minimum of coding.
The new BONE II features the same powerful sound engine as the original BONE, plus:
• three fully-vocalized synths: analog Strings, an analog fantasy Synth 1, and an FM Synth
• three Multi-Effects: the harmonic Rhodes, the Pan-Tubular, and the Plexi Tube
• eight keyboard samples
• a wet/dry knob that lets you control the acoustic properties of all analog synthesizers
• eight dynamics modes with delay, flange, rotary speaker, phase shifter, pitch shifter, panning, vibrato, and intensity
• eight key-and-velocity assignable velocity-sensitive ADSR envelopes
• eight user-defined presets with 5 different arpeggiators
• four preset-based multi-effects
• velocity and key-sensitive modulation routings, plus several algorithmic modulation routings
• 4+2 outputs
• an XY pad
• an arpeggiator with three modes
• 16+8 assignment routings
• eight modulation routings
• four 1/4” jacks for foot controller interfaces
• a built-in wavetable editor
• a built-in editor for creating user presets
• an editor for loading and saving your own user presets
• an editor for creating your own presets
• an editor to set arpeggiator presets
• a wavetable editor
• a Graphic Equalizer that provides simple editing of the sound’s frequency content
• a Graphic Reverb/EQ that provides simple editing of the sound’s acoustic properties
• a Graphic Amp that provides simple editing of the sound’s bass characteristics
• a Compressor
• a Cross-fusion synthesis engine
• a sequencer
• a MIDI In/Out
• a MIDI Learn slot
• an Oscillator button
• a Central button
• a Cross-fusion synthesis engine
• a “Please Wait” dialog
• many master

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“Blue II is a cross-fusion synthesis/ethereal sound synthesizer created by one of the most famous and respected developers of analog synthesizers, Rob Papen. Blue II is the first software instrument Papen has released since cutting-edge sound designer and audio-visual artist Jimi Tenor released Blue II Mobile in 1999. Although Blue II does incorporate some of the digital audio effects and modulation options from my previous line of software instruments, it does so in a way that provides an organic sense of ethereal sound, using cross-fusion synthesis to create a new and ethereal sound not seen before in a synthesizer.”
This plugin supports the following:

ADSR envelope follower with up to 8 steps

Up to 32 velocity-sensitive filter modules with after-touch, variable LFO depth, and LFO frequency, via mixable slow and fast sweep waveshape banks

Up to 4 oscillator modules with additive synthesis, delay, distortion, ADSR, and mixer

Up to 6 filter modules with 4 cross-modulation effects

Up to 6 multi-waveform LFOs and LFO depth modulation

Up to 16 envelope-controlled LFOs and LFO depth modulation

Up to 128 presets

Shuffle function for quick sound design exploration and creation

Up to 16 patch banks for solo or ensemble performance

16 SysEx messages to control and automate parameters

2 bank mappings to switch between different banks, styles, or patch layouts

2 bank mappings to switch between different banks, styles, or patch layouts

Bi-directional filter/oscillator parameters

Different type of effects modules, including a cross-fusion module

Independent audio and CV/gate waveshape

Vector lookup table list of 1000+ samples

Velocity- and after-touch-sensitive envelopes

Sampling rate can be adjusted from 44.1khz to 192khz (192k not included)

Presets may be downloaded and saved for future use

Simply put, BLUE II is a MIDI-driven synthesizer that combines several different methods of synthesis to create ethereal, ambient, futuristic soundscapes.

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To define the sound of your musical work or a particular sound design project, you can have all the synthesis you need at your disposal.
6 powerful oscillators, each with different waveforms
Auto cross-fusion and resonant oscillator
Cross-modulation of oscillators
Random cross-modulation
Resonant oscillator with modulated harmonics
Integrator circuit
Sample/hold circuit
Expanded envelope with high and low passes
Pitch and modulation LFOs
Sequencer with LFO modulation
and 4 FX slots.
Modular arpeggiator, including LFO
Signal analyzer
Cross-modulation circuit
Predefined sounds
Preset manager
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System requirements


Version 1.8.1

Blue II Arpeggiator


Blue IIArpeggiator is a unique arpeggiator that makes it possible to move through your presets by simply pressing a single key. As you move up the preset list, the next sound selected will be the one with the number corresponding to the key you just pressed. This doesn’t mean that you can create a song with a simple sequence of notes, but it’s a simple tool that can be used to get a good idea about how your presets will sound. Since it’s easy to control and doesn’t take that much of your time, it can be used to lay down a loop that you just need to fine tune.

Blue II Arpeggiator Features:

-Auto cross-fusion
-Random cross-modulation

Blue II Soft-Pitch


Blue II Soft-Pitch is a basic pitch shifter that allows you to shift the pitch of the sound on the fly. Nothing tricky about this, but a very useful tool nonetheless. Your notes will appear at the desired position on the keyboard, and since it’s easy to use, it can be used very early in your projects.

Blue II Soft-Pitch Features:

-Pitch shifter
-Auto cross-fusion
-Random cross-modulation
-Sample/hold circuit

Blue II Synth Scape:


What’s New in the?

The successor of papenProgBlue!, this virtual instrument can be used as a synth of pure analog waveforms, as a sequencer with all the features needed to create music, or even as a dynamic instrument. The sounds are produced by six powerful oscillators, which can be used as a monosynth, a polysynth, a sampler, a hybrid synth, and a sound expansion engine that allows it to be expanded with other virtual instruments and plugins. An additional VCA can be used to create analog dynamics. The effects section includes as much as possible types of algorithmic effects, from the classic analog emulation to more contemporary ones like the chorus, flanger, phaser, or the highpass and lowpass filters. With the addition of some filters and samples, it becomes a powerful instrument in its own right. It also incorporates a very efficient metering feature called the RMS controller, which allows you to follow the sound you are creating with the meter’s histogram.
Controls / Features:
Create complex soundscapes that will take your imagination to new places.
Explore the digital synthesizer through the graphic user interface or a list of presets and tools.
Use the wet/dry controls to make the sound punchier.
Use the distortion controls to create all kinds of textures.
Use the arpeggiator to turn sequences of sounds into melodies.
Use the articulations to change the sound’s characteristics, such as the pitch or the timbre.
Add and delete audio samples from your library.
Use the cross-fusion synthesis to make sonic choruses.
Use the LFO and the XY pad to shape sound.
Use the cyclical modulation to work magic.
Use the built-in sequencer to sequence your favorite arpeggios.
Use the sequencer to explore all the possibilities of the arpeggiator.
Use the high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, and notch filters to make your sound even more unique.
Use the metering feature, the EQ, the panner, and the envelope to finely control your sound.
Use the built-in arpeggiator and the effect section to shape your sound.
Use the built-in effects and the effects section.


Blue II can be a powerful synth to work with, as you have access to the various features including multi-effects, filters, multimode oscillators, multiple XY pads, arpeggiator

System Requirements:

A working internet connection
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
The USB Mouse and Keyboard being used to control the mouse/keyboard with a USB VNC Display server software installed on your Windows Desktop Computer
The VNC Display server software being run by the Raspberry Pi computer and being able to control a Windows Desktop computer with the keyboard and mouse from the Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi being able to detect and connect to the USB Mouse and Keyboard being used to control the mouse/keyboard with a USB VNC Display server software installed