Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xpadder Profile !!HOT!! 👍🏿

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xpadder Profile !!HOT!! 👍🏿


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Xpadder Profile

if you want to see some more complex setups you can check out the modded modder xpadder forum. it has a ton of great stuff in it, and there are a ton of different people offering support to their fellow users. if youre looking for a method that will allow you to map out and play around with all the settings yourself then this is the place for you.

i hope this guide helps you get started with xpadder and will let you start to enjoy the games you love. as always feel free to add your comments below and let me know if i missed anything or if there is something you would like to see covered. remember to never give out your credit card info or login credentials to anybody. in addition, please be sure to check out my other resources on the xpadder forums. this was just the first post of many to come..stay tuned for more!

now you have mapped out your buttons and your sticks, we will move on to the mouse settings. it is recommended that you map your mouse to the stick using xpadder as well. in this tutorial we will set it up to use the middle mouse button for the left stick and the r1 button for the right stick. to do this, you will need to go to the configuration menu and select the “left” and “right” sticks on the controller. then you need to press the “add” button to add the new controls. once you have added them, you will need to assign the buttons on your mouse to the controls on your controller. when you are done, click the “ok” button to save your settings.

Keep in mind that Xpadder has to be updated manually if you want to keep your current configurations. Xpadder does not have the feature of mapping custom keys as they release new versions once every two months. Since the app is not updated on its own, users have to run the config profiler to reload the profile. The whole process is quite tedious and that results in slow response time.
As mentioned earlier, there is Xpadder’s alternative, Pinnacle Game Profiles (PGP). Let me give a short intro on what its all about. PGP is a free alternative software to Xpadder. It is one of the most popular PC remapper software, second only to Xpadder. PGP is mainly used for realtime or quick changes to game profiles. It features quite more user friendly interface than Xpadder and lets you quickly save and load profiles.
The G-Key is basically the Game button on the Xbox controller. There are two of them, which are primary and secondary. With Xpadder, you can easily map these buttons to any button of your choice. Unlike Xpadder, you cannot map any other button to these buttons. If you want to map to the B button, you have to do it manually by pressing B. You can map these buttons to any controller, custom controller or any other button on your controller.
As long as Xpadder is running, any key that you press will be mapped to a button. There are other cool features you can try such as changing the key names. Say, you want to map 4X4 button on the Game pad to the B key, all you have to do is to type in 4×4 button as the key name and the B key as the mapping. At first, I was afraid that changing the key names would mess up some of the key mappings. Fortunately, its not the case as long as you configure your controller correctly.