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List of progams for Mac
Rosetta Stone Mac (2005) 4.0.1. Autosea Mac 1.8.2
. Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System 9.1.3 AutoVue 4.1.3 Autoship.. AutoVue SolidModel Pro v18.0 AutoVue Professional Mac 1.2.3 Autosea 2.8.6.rar onlineIf you took a stroll along the 16-km St Lucie Trail on the Sunshine Coast, you’d likely hear a lot of birds chirping, pigeons cooing, and perhaps even the chirp-chirp-chirp of a robin.

But if you heard a funky beat-heavy beat, you might have mistaken it for a drum kit.

But a local Sunshine Coast music teacher has outdone him when it comes to drumming.

Music teacher Phil Hart has created a new way to enjoy music in his classes as he incorporates hand drums, with special creation by John Murrell.

The ‘blip’ drummer says the program has turned heads and has the children and staff at Summerland Primary School buzzing and learning, through creativity.

“The children are the ones who are engaging, so the teachers actually get to be creative,” said Phil.

“We work on learning traditional drumming by way of playing in a rhythm, like finger clicking, and then we go to the new play.

“We are using drums and percussion because it is something new, it is a different way of playing.”

Together, the two would go back and forth with different rhythms by way of different sounds, which will then be mixed together at the end.

“We work on learning rhythm and how to play by itself first and then we go into rhythm with hands,” he said.

“It’s really good for the kids to be able to listen to the music and it helps to keep them engaged while we are sitting on the floor.”

Phil said as a musician, it was great to play the drums with people.

“In the band and as a teacher, it is nice to interact with other musicians,” he said.

“It’s helping to help children develop a new skillset.”


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