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Based on the user’s choice of drafting or editing, and the availability of hardware, CAD programs can produce two types of output, vector and raster. Vector images are composed of distinct points, lines, and other two-dimensional geometric shapes (e.g., circles, rectangles, etc.). These geometric shapes are used as the basic building blocks of the object represented by the CAD drawing. In contrast, raster images are composed of smaller squares or dots of varying sizes, arranged in a matrix to form the image. Raster images can be used in creating such items as logos, images, and photographs.

CAD drawings can be viewed from many different angles, on any screen with a resolution of 96 or 144 dots per inch (DPI), in two-, three-, or four-dimensional space, and with full color. A variety of options are available to users to edit drawings.

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is owned and developed by the Massachusetts-based computer software firm Autodesk. Since 1987, the software has been available only on microcomputers. In 1990, Autodesk introduced a desktop version, which allows users to draw and edit their own drawings on their personal computers.

The first commercialized version of AutoCAD was released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers, originally called “CADWORKS.” It was developed by American Company Computer Products. This version of AutoCAD, which was also released as “CADMEDIT”, allowed drawing and editing of three-dimensional objects.

On July 2, 1990, a new version of the software, named “AutoCAD”, was released. Unlike the previous version, AutoCAD 1990 allowed drawing and editing of two-dimensional drawings. In 1995, the name of the software was changed to “AutoCAD 2000”. That same year, AutoCAD was released as a Windows 3.1/95 operating system application.

In 1998, a web version was introduced as “AutoCAD LT”, with the name changing to “AutoCAD 1999” when the software became a commercial product. Later, the product was released as a Windows NT operating system application.

In 1999, the name of the software was changed to “AutoCAD LT” again, while “AutoCAD 2000” was renamed to “AutoCAD”. In November 2000, AutoCAD was released on DOS and

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A number of third party vendors are designing AutoCAD-based tools and add-on packages. Examples include: Autodesk Attunity, Autodesk PLM, Autodesk RFID Autodesk Sketcher, Autodesk Scheduler and PTC Windchill.

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Category:Computer-aided design software for WindowsQ:

What are the types of IF statements for a java question?

I have been given the following assignment:

Write a function to determine if an integer is a prime number or not.
You must define at least one IF statement which tests for divisibility. The condition for the statement must evaluate to true or false.

I am not very familiar with IF statements in Java, and I’m not sure what the correct IF statement would be.
The problem is that this is a homework assignment so I don’t want to make something too complicated.
Could someone explain to me the basic IF statement in Java? I do not need the whole thing but any basic information will do. I’m learning by going through the tut’s on the lecture/course notes, but sometimes they make the topic so confusing that I would rather have some help.
Thank you!


You would do something like this:
if(a % b == 0) {

In Java, a % b is the remainder of the division a / b.
So, if a is divided by b, the remainder of the division is stored in a % b.
Therefore, if a % b is 0, then it means that a is a multiple of b.


An IF statement in Java can be simplified to this:
if (condition)

where the condition is a boolean expression (A “boolean expression” is a statement which gives a boolean result. In a nutshell: an if statement is a boolean expression.)
In your case, you have 2 possibilities:

Is the integer a prime number? (A “prime number” is a number which is only divisible by 1 and itself. In other words, a prime number is one of the numbers 2, 3, 5

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Markup import sends your drawing and associated external markups to AutoCAD from anywhere on the network, including digital cameras and smartphones, tablets and other devices. The drawing is converted to an external markup format and can be incorporated into other drawings as a stand-alone entity.


Create circle slices that can be used to customize other shapes

For more information on AutoCAD 2023, click here.

Visit us on the AutoCAD 2023 page to find out more about upcoming AutoCAD 2023 features and updates.

Watch our video on the new features and learn more:

Creating a circle slice – AutoCAD 2023, Part 1

Creating a circle slice – AutoCAD 2023, Part 2

Author: Bruce MacRae, Program Manager, AutoCAD and MEP

This blog was updated with information from the AutoCAD 2023 presentation in October 2018.

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