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AutoCAD is capable of creating two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drawings with 3D modeling capabilities, 2D drafting and technical illustration, and technical and mechanical drawing capabilities. It is also capable of manipulating, converting, and analyzing data in a variety of file formats and is capable of simulating real-world mechanical and environmental conditions.

Acronyms used in AutoCAD

The following acronyms are used within AutoCAD:

ACDBAT AutoCAD database

ACDBATFL AutoCAD database file

ACDFLI AutoCAD file list

ACDSYS AutoCAD system


ACE Files / ARCSECTORS Files for AutoCAD and related functions

ACENESC AutoCAD encyclopedia


ACENESC Files / ARCSECTORS AutoCAD encyclopedia file

ACENWSH AutoCAD new Web Site Help


ACENWSH Files / ARCSECTORS AutoCAD Web Site Help file



ACDCLIP Files for AutoCAD and related functions

ACDLIFE.5 ACDLIFE.5 AutoCAD last known life date

ACDLIST.0 ACDLIST.0 Last ACD list number

ACDOBJ.0 ACDOBJ.0 AutoCAD object number

ACDOIN.0 ACDIN.0 AutoCAD inventory number

ACDSEG.0 ACDSEG.0 AutoCAD segment number

ACDES.0 ACDES.0 AutoCAD description

ACDES.1 ACDES.1 AutoCAD description

ACDES.2 ACDES.2 AutoCAD description

ACDES.3 ACDES.3 AutoCAD description

ACDES.4 ACDES.4 AutoCAD description

ACDES.5 ACDES.5 AutoCAD description

ACDES.6 ACDES.6 AutoCAD description

ACDHEAD.1 ACDHEAD.1 AutoCAD head (compound) number


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AutoCAD is a widely used CAD application. It has around 30 million users in 2015.

AutoCAD came to life in 1982 when a group of over 20 students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign formed a company to develop a product based on what they had learned developing their own CAD software. Before the company was formed, all students were assigned a worksheet in the preliminary course where they had to draw a house on it, and grade each other’s drawings. In the spring of 1982 they sent in drawings, which were then put in the hands of their professor, Joseph A. Paul. Dr. Paul used AutoLISP and some other computer tools to create a program that could convert drawings, instead of having a human grading them, which was a task that most other CAD programs required. Over the summer of 1982, the students worked on this CAD program and then in the fall, there was a party where they all put together the program and released it. Dr. Paul and the students then went to work to build a company around this program. On October 22, 1982, the Autodesk, Inc. version 1.0 was first shipped and then in the spring of 1983, Autodesk, Inc. was incorporated. Since then, Autodesk has released a version each year. Version 1.0 shipped in 1982, Version 2.0 in 1983, Version 3.0 in 1984, Version 4.0 in 1985, Version 5.0 in 1986, Version 6.0 in 1987, Version 7.0 in 1988, Version 8.0 in 1989, Version 9.0 in 1990, Version 10.0 in 1991, Version 11.0 in 1992, Version 12.0 in 1994, Version 13.0 in 1995, Version 14.0 in 1996, Version 15.0 in 1997, Version 16.0 in 1998, Version 17.0 in 1999, Version 18.0 in 2000, Version 19.0 in 2001, Version 20.0 in 2002, Version 21.0 in 2003, Version 22.0 in 2004, Version 23.0 in 2005, Version 24.0 in 2006, Version 25.0 in 2007, Version 26.0 in 2008, Version 27.0 in 2009, Version 28.0 in 2010, Version 29.0 in 2011, Version 30.0 in 2012, Version 31.0 in 2013, Version 32.0 in 2014, Version 33.0 in 2015, Version 34.0 in 2016, Version

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How to simulate the natural expansion of a balloon into the room?

I want to simulate the natural process of an elastic balloon filling the room. I think it should be a perfect sphere, but I am not sure how to simulate that in a program. This would be for a university project.


This sounds like you’re looking for an implicit equation of the curve. The natural state of an elastic ball is a sphere (as you mentioned) due to the elastic property, so a good starting point is to start with a sphere, and then change the radius based on the elastic property.
I’m not an expert in the mathematics of these things, but this is what I was thinking of.


You want to implement a constraint that the volume of the sphere increases with time. This is a non-linear programming problem.
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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Markup Assist is a new workspace tool that enables you to work in a more efficient way, speed-up your design process and save time.

Drawing Filters:

Get a workflow that helps you to make faster drawings by drawing complex elements of your design with no shortcuts (video: 1:16 min.).

Drawing shapes and filters are improved to reduce the number of steps required to create a more detailed design.

Hybrid Layer Display:

Manage multiple layers in different views at the same time and always work with the most appropriate view for the layer.

Add styles, fills and linetypes to all drawing elements in a drawing (video: 1:21 min.).

Standardized Annotations:

Expressing information in drawings is a more efficient way of doing it. (video: 1:18 min.)

Simplify your design processes by importing standardized annotations from the annotations folder into your drawings.

Save hundreds of hours in drafting by using standardized annotations.

Transform tool:

AutoCAD 2023 continues the Revolution of Vector Features in drawing. Bring your designs to life with advanced vector features that are based on the latest research and CAD standards.

Bring your vector designs to life with innovative CAD features and a streamlined user interface.

Collaborate and create on one screen (video: 1:26 min.).

The transformation from traditional to modern drawings is complete. New features and innovative workflows are helping CAD users to improve their design processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Get a free trial of AutoCAD to see the latest features for yourself.

New features are only available in AutoCAD Home and AutoCAD LT Home.

For more information visit the AutoCAD 2023 Web page.

New design task – Adaptive eDrawings:

New features of AutoCAD 2023 allow you to easily create or import eDrawings based on your customer’s existing CAD files. This new feature will make it easier for you to collect customer data and keep all the design information and data in one place.

Get a free trial of AutoCAD to see the new features for yourself.

AutoCAD Home and AutoCAD LT Home

AutoCAD Home and AutoCAD LT Home continue the Revolution of Vector Features in drawing. New features and innovative workflows are helping CAD

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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